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Zanon, you have strengthened my faith in the side of order. I shall oppose the side of thread chaos.
Seriously though, focus on all enemies in the way to the surface, where you can unload some ground troops to help you.
Zanon, you have strengthened my faith in the side of order. I shall oppose the side of thread chaos.
Seriously though, focus on all enemies in the way to the surface, where you can unload some ground troops to help you.

Your lack of faith disturbs me..
What is thy bidding my master?
Looks like it is Warfield and Tosh VS Hydralisk and Marauder.

(job, class, and schedule can all suck it.... and damnit what's happening to my constituents? are you being lemoned? ....great.....we always need more lemons on these forums :p)

"Fleet, prepare to create the Proto-Tron! We shall dominate the enemy with our indomitable ability!" The Protoss all pause to look at you and then back to t heir stations, but do nothing to obey your insane request. "I am your Executor, listen to me!"

Suddenly a bright wave extends from the planet from one of the various Terran strongholds. It rushes over the Zerg and seems as though to burn them. The wave dissipates as it comes within range of your forces. The Zerg fleet, now almost no threat, begin to retreat or suicidally charge into their enemies.

Dal'Tan comes on-line, "It appears the Artifact is capable of destroying Zerg to a massive degree. We have established its position, and I am now informing Vince the Reaper to its exact location." Hamas calls in, "I have reached the hangar, and am launching with the second wave down, the first should be reaching past the former Zerg secondary defensive line."

The crew appear relieved at the news. You speak up, "I said create the Proto-Tron, and you have disobeyed me. That is a capital offense, but I will let it slide if you finally create the Proto-Tron." The crew ignore you and continue their works. Suddenly your blinded by pain in the back of your head. You lay on the floor and look up at your assailant. Its the Raven S-G452, and Kehldan laughing in the background.

You get up and address her, "You should probably go down to the planet, a smaller team will be able to move in with the Terrans and steal the artifact. Hamas will most likely get the bigger part of the fighting as it is now. And take that Raven with you, he may prove useful in breaking through doors." Kehldan salutes and walks off towing the Raven with a small cord.

"Incoming transmission: Blades of Auir has broken off to engage the Dominion, her escorting vessels are hesitating to follow, allowing Blades to move farther then they can protect her. Executor what are your orders?"

(post limit has made us move over, kinda glad for a fresh new thread.... anyways the new thread will be up soon, hope you guys get to see this post and read it, as otherwise we will lose the entire audience. and i will have spoken to no one....)
Order the ship back. Move others to aid in the ships escape. You are not here to fight the terrans, you must stick around to receive the retrieval team.
Disregard Kehldan, make Proto Tron for realz this time.
I MADE IT! The forces of order hold their ground.
No you didn't, you just put a dot and editted it later. That doesn't count, cheater.
I say hang the cheater!
What!?!?! an angry mob! Of 2!

Ender has suggested lynching. May the rule of law protect me from those of the lemons who would do such things.

It is to bad we don't even have terran ships to make a proto-tron with.
Ender you should change your portait to the infested marine if you have it or some other zerg thing. Getting funny how things are going with you 4. If your siding with the forces of "leamons" use a zerg portiat, if not and your on wienfeild side use a terran portiat. Me i can be either at times, mostly seroius though and i'm saying actions as if i am the main charater, use a protoss portait.

"The artifact is of Xel'naga orgin. If it can destroy countless zerg in seconds theres no telling if it can destroy us as well I cannot risk the lives of everyone on the ship. Dispatch a small team of dark templars to retrieve the artifact and a DDR machine!"
I don't have a protoss protrit XD so imma stick with the infested marine but i still vote for proto tron
Now that I posted here we have 7 posts left!
I am back from the beyond, (europe in the alps without internet) also i cant find pandas text adventure I want to know how it ended.

Found it for your and guess how long it took me? 5 seconds! Search *type panda text adventure.... found!
Looks like Rogtar gave up on us. :(
(stop saying i gave up, its starting to be approximately 3 day wait for this, college and finances are a !@#$%.... i have to end this portion first, then decide if i want to keep going or end it, bc i have one more plot after this i CAN decide to do, or i can end it at this plot. the point is, i can't post as much from the simple fact that paying for my college and college classes themselves are taking up my time. such as now, i have to go to class, i will post one tomorrow, as today my classes end at 8 and i have work at 6am in the morning)
story better end with a DDR dance compitition against that ghost guy. Malik?
Okey dokey.
Just checkin.

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