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(ya, depends on how the story goes with what he can do, but we need one more person to come in and make a career decision! its been 2 days bring a friend or something, i wouldn't even mind if IAreLemons joined [did i just say that?] just we need one more vote to move on...)
(I voted already)
High templar makes the most sense. I can't think of any DT's that had command of a fleet.

The DT are stealth and espionage experts, not comanders. Even Zeratul, the leading Dark Templar doesnt ever comand space combat.

High Templar for the win.
High Templar for the win.
Well I'm still standing my DT till the end! I am the darkness!!!

(High Templar Tar'lakahn is the winner, and my god, 2 days to figure it out. side note, what did you have to make 3 posts and delete them for over? i had something for the DT storyline if it went that way, i had a map of HT, Zeal, Phoenix, and possibly a few others, but hear me when i say i am prepared for curveballs, for the most part [former probe driver? >:)] and now, ahem to continue the story...)

"I will now commence the reconstruction-struction-struction-tion-tion..."

Images come flitting through your head. Training in the martial forms by a Zealot to condition the body and temper the spirit. Studies through the night to understand the Khala and its workings. Meditations by a river to learn the flow of the energies through the Khala. Images flitting and fleeting, but eventually patching itself to resolve something, something powerful to the Protoss people, that many strive for but few achieve.

One final memory comes through, clear as though you were there this very second experiencing it first-hand. You walk up to an altar in a sanctum, sunlight the only source of light streaming through glass to spotlight where you will soon stand. You walk forward into the light, proud and excited that this moment has come. You sense many Protoss sitting and standing off to the sides waiting in anticipation for the judgement. You do not worry as you are absolutely confident that you have succeeded in your goal and set things right by the Khala. You come to a stop at the top of the altar as a wise and powerful High Templar comes from beyond the shadow, and bow to show your respect to one so great to attain this position.

"We stand here to judge this Protoss in his pursuit of the knowledge and use of the Khala, to punish or reward his efforts as we deem fit. The Judicators have passed their blessings to allow this ceremony, and the Khalai have gathered outside to hear the results, but it is we Templar who shall decide his fate. Rise Tar'lakahn and look around you in this chamber. Tell all who are present here what you see."

You rise with some apprehension, as you have never witnessed the ceremony and all that happens are private to those who go through it. You look around the chamber for the first time, noticing that there are shapes in the darkness. Above the darkness appear to be Protoss in stands, watching the ceremony as it unfolds. The sunlight suddenly is diffused, possibly by a cloud, and you notice glowing in the areas around you. Reaching out with your psychic energies you attempt to "see" more with your ability then with your eyes. You sense energy swirling around the points that were glowing and sense a larger more concentrated version approaching you.

"Protoss Tar'lakahn!" You close your senses and kneel down, bowing towards the voice in front of you, not daring to look up at his face for fear of ruining whatever this test was. "You are hereby given this Amulet to show that YOU are to henceforth be known as Tar'lakahn, High Templar of Auir, Protector of the Khalai and all of our beliefs!"

You look up to acknowledge and grasp the Amulet, and realize that this is a Khaydarin Amulet, made of the same crystals that you had sensed around the chamber earlier, the mark of a TRUE High Templar.

And with that the memory fades to be placed with the others you have made, although many gaps still remain. Hamas moves away, bowing as he does. "Executor Tar'lakahn, I did not realize such a powerful warrior was within our ranks. I have done all I can for now, although you have gaps in your memory, they will be restored by your own power in time." Hamas turns to leave.

"So, Executor Tar'lakahn is a High Templar is he?" Solaris comes from the bridge chair towards you. "I would hate to interrupt your healing and recovery but there is a decision that must be made before you go to your cabin to rest.

We have our orders to investigate the sector for Zerg activity, which since we were attacked from the nearby planet I think its settled they are here. We can investigate the planet or we can mark this sector as infested for our forces. We can go to examine the signal we obtained from one of our agents in another system as well, or we could go back to Shakuras. Your decision of course, but you must go rest while we are en route or you will die of exhaustion."


(yes its been a while and it was a long post this time, but had to make up for the 2 days of indecision :p, besides interacting with memories is kinda hard dontcha think?)
(I couldn't decide what I should put after DT till the end. xD)

You tell Solaris that we need to regroup and bolster our forces for we have taken many casulties that we can ill afford and that you are going examine the signal and then investigate the planet(with DT ALLIES FTW and you get that psi sword that the dts use and learn how to cloak(basically a dt ht hybrid now but formally a ht) :)
Go back and rest get reinforcements and a few planet cleaners motherships to fry the planet and kill all the zerg quickly.
06/11/2011 10:28 AMPosted by BlackRabies
Go back and rest get reinforcements and a few planet cleaners motherships to fry the planet and kill all the zerg quickly.

But you don't even know what's on it. There could be protoss survivers of maybe artefacts of great value.
(so then you want to go to shakuras for reinforcements, or consolidate the fleet that you have now and then go to examine the signal? btw DTs are in the Protoss army standard since the fall of Auir anyways.)
well it's tied at 1-1 for the reinforcements and what bout getting MORE DTs (or whatever we don't have)!!!!!!!
"I believe we should reinforce our numbers. Take us back to Shakuras so that we can come back and destroy this infestation."

Solaris nods. "Executor Tar'lakahn, I must insist you go rest now, this is work that should be left to subordinates."

You nod and walk to your cabin. You walk through the halls and nod to the crew, morale seems to be high as they all have great strides and walk with a proud air about them. You think to yourself that perhaps your taking charge gave them more strength then the Judicators could ever have. Entering your cabin you see your belongings. The Khaydarin Amulet sits on your dress uniform, pictures of the once green landscape of Auir adorn your walls, and a picture that shows another High Templar stands at your desk.

A memory flashes by, this High Templar taught you personally. His face is etched into your memory as you learn how to create Psionic Storms. His smug expressino as his combat training had you fight his Hallucinations. He even taught you how to attack from afar with your own Psionic energy. But you could not remember his name, although you recognize that he was incredibly important to not only you but your race as well.

"So I assume you were friends with Tassadar?" You heard a raspy filtered voice. You turn around to see a Terran psychic lounging in your desk chair, feet propped on the desk as if he was in charge. "No need to drop into a fighting stance or fling me against the walls with your power, I have this vessel and most of the rest of this fleet rigged to blow. And you won't be stealing anything from my mind, I've been able to stay amongst you for this long without detection, its appearent you won't be getting anything out of me." He drops down and walks over to you waving what appears to be a device around. "This little gadget here is a deadman's switch, and as soon as I let go or it senses my body heat dissipate, all the charges blow. Now listen to me Protoss as I want something done and only you can provide it. Go down there and rescue a certain Terran base, so that me and my pals can get by and away from the Zerg here. Go ahead and go get reinforcements, but make sure to keep a force here to defend that base till we get back, Got it?"

He cloaks and disappears, and your door opens to allow him out. Where he goes you do not know, but you...
06/10/2011 07:20 PMPosted by Zanon
Although a DT who decided to master the energies of the Kala would explain his position as Exector.

Exactly why he should be a dark templar (and the fact that dark templars are bad-ass.)
Good so far dude. Really admire your knowledge of the brotoss.
If I can make one stylistic suggestion, maybe a little more character development? like a lot of action happened, but as far as knowing how our character is in terms of confidence, intelligence, reaction, stuff that make him more alive, would be cool, but i understand that it takes quite a while to do that. I like the amount of dialogue you have so far, and the tensions between the two lieutenants was sweet.

Mmmmm, well, if we're not limited to only HT abilities, seeing as his teacher used hallucinations, why not do the ultrasonic pulse to stun him, or void prison stun him, or put him in a tight graviton prison to immobilize him, or even do a small vortex! Brotoss shouldn't take sht from a lowly terran demolisionist. and even if he blow the ship up, you can always blink to the next one!

Hey guys, side note, my story is now done! I'm so sorry it took so long but it's finally done. I would love to hear thoughts on my finale! Thanks for all the support folks. :)
You actually reconsider your decision and decides help the terran (flashback of when you fought with the terrans). You ask the terran Ghost/Spectere to meet you and your leutients in the docking bay for a brief situation meeting so that you don't just go in there blind.
Get the mother ship cleaners and fry the planet, but stay away from the terran bases, can't have them dieing.

EDIT: or just fry the zerg bases.
Guys gotta think like the protoss! Terran mean nothing to them!
IMMEDIATELY order a ship-wide search for the explosives and jettison all that you find towards the nearest star. Also order the fleet to replot their course to the planet.

Since terrans can't tellaport order the launch bays sealed, have phoenix pilots and observers sweep the hull for any boarding craft.

(I really like setting a trap with no way out. That ghost didn't do himself any favors stranding himself on a protos ship.)

If you really want to make it hard on the ghost to get around the ship secure all access doors so you need at least ships personnel clearance to move around.

Summary: Get rid of the explosives, go towards planet, and hunt the ghost.
^pretty much what I want to with some bad-ass psi trick to disable his ability to blow them all up.

Brotoss don't take no nonsense from puny Terrans!

Additionally, it occurred to me that feedback followed by an immediate stun-type psi attack will hard counter this psionic Terran.

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