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^pretty much what I want to with some bad-ass psi trick to disable his ability to blow them all up.

Brotoss don't take no nonsense from puny Terrans!

Additionally, it occurred to me that feedback followed by an immediate stun-type psi attack will hard counter this psionic Terran.

but he doesn't know where this ghost is
(We haven't unlocked his full potential yet, we just know that his former teacher was Tassadar and he can do the same abilities as SCI and SCII HTs. We could try to find him but he's cloaked, and there's no telling how long he's been on-board UNDETECTED by the other Protoss.

Besides the fact that he's cloaked, has ghost training, and has remained undetected long enough to plant explosives on several ships in the fleet, his little detonator is a deadmans switch, which means that if he let's go, or it no longer remains warm by his touch, everything blows.

Contacting him seems hard since he's cocky and only revealed himself once and we don't know where the bombs are planted or that he stranded himself, he might have a Wraith attached somewhere. All we know bout this guy is that he's said he's got bombs everywhere, he wants us to defend a certain base planet-side, and he's at least got the ghost know-how to operate his cloak and avoid Protoss.

so basically we are waiting on Sixel to notice he was the next poster so i can get his command, he's in charge this time around, by Monday midday though i will go to panda's post, so I'm hoping Sixel comes around)
oh didn't read that last sentence well.... I still am opposed to the idea of helping him. Getting involved in Terran affairs is not something that happens unless Kerrigan is involved as well. So here's my edited suggestion:

Psionic-ly communicate with all protoss life forms, knowing that that's not how Terrans communicate, it's like a secure channel. Tell them to search for all explosives and disarm them, taking a observer drone with each party in order to accost the ghost/ diffuse the bombs without his knowing. Once the situation of exploding has been resolved, proceed with your getting of reinforcements the way YOU originally planned. Unless he is November Terra-class ghost, he can't kill more than 5 protoss before being overwhelmed.
What's a November Terra-class ghost? -_-
She's probably the second most powerful ghost. Other than kerrigan of course
so basically we are waiting on Sixel to notice she was the next poster so i can get her command, she's in charge this time around, by Monday midday though i will go to panda's post, so I'm hoping Sixel comes around)

Go with panda's post I'm horrible with coming up with ideas really quickly considering it is 7:02 Monday where I am right now.
What's a November Terra-class ghost? -_-

No idea. It probably is some OP ghost that ends up draining protoss's shields and life when they use emp.
Note to self, do not be first poster when I don't have any ideas.
We KNOW that he has stranded himself because the High Templar is going to order observers to search the hull for anything remotely like a cloaked Wraith on the hull. Same goes for sealing and searching the launch bays so he cant escape on a drone he deploys.

In case you hadn't noticed ghosts cant breath in space, they don't have a full biological, chemical, and nuclear proof/ resistant suit with a FULL HELMET like marines do. So he cant jettison himself out of an airlock to escape either.

It is just about impossible for the ghost to get off the ship.

I'm curious looking at my other posts, if all of the countermeasures were put in place like I suggested do you see any loopholes?

IMMEDIATELY order a ship-wide search for the explosives and jettison all that you find towards the nearest star. Also order the fleet to replot their course to the planet.

Since terrans can't tellaport order the launch bays sealed, have phoenix pilots and observers sweep the hull for any boarding craft.

(I really like setting a trap with no way out. That ghost didn't do himself any favors stranding himself on a protos ship.)

If you really want to make it hard on the ghost to get around the ship secure all access doors so you need at least ships personnel clearance to move around.

Summary: Get rid of the explosives, go towards planet, and hunt the ghost.
I think that you have to pretend that there you have reason to believe that there are zerg on the planet so that the protoss will go there. I think that if you tried to find the cloacked wraith with the observer, the ghost would just detonate the bombs. Remeber, ghosts have there memory wiped before training so they do not care about dying for the dominion. I would think that he would detonate at the first sign of trouble.
I'm pretty sure a November Terra-class ghost is on par with Nova. Since her real name is November. And her last name might be Terra. According to Delirium's mod on Cortex Roleplay.
What protoss want to do right now: Get reinforcements to cleanse the planet, but not leave forces behind to hold out with Terrans.

What Ghost wants of Protoss: Get reinforcements to cleanse the planet and leave behind a defense to help Terrans survive.

The beauty of observers is that he has to stay hidden to stay undetected, yet he doesn't have a way to monitor if the protoss are giving orders to leave a battalion behind, or if they're busy searching for the bombs, because if he comes across a search party, he can be easily subdued.

Worst case scenario, he blows the ship, you blink off into another ship, or you request extra interceptors and covertly unload the whole carrier and go away safely, by having observers keeping the pathway to evacuation a secret from the ghost. This results in the loss of only one carrier.
Unless I read it wrong, he has explosives planted on several ships. Therefore that might not be the best idea.
oh wtf. that's fkd. It seems as if this made to have no choice.

Call for mass recall, all protoss life forms evacuate to a mothership!
Zerg follow through the warphole created by the Mothership's mass recall You are swarmed by mutalisks and die. Plz try again.
06/13/2011 07:28 PMPosted by DoomerX
Zerg follow through the warphole created by the Mothership's mass recall You are swarmed by mutalisks and die. Plz try again.

This isn't your story, and you are way away from the zerg atm. try again.
(We have the choice, and its going through, just that we have been warned by someone whose capabilities may or may not exceed what we know. Anyways Sixel chose to have us use Panda's choice to search the ship, so search the ship we go.)

You create a direct link with your lieutenants through the Khala. "We have a Terran Ghost on-board, create several search parties and investigate the ship for him and any explosives he may have planted. Have our other ships in the fleet search as well, he may have transportation so ensure that our hull is clean as well."

Acknowledging your orders, you feel Observers being activated by the hunter-killer teams. Sensing the Observers piques your curiosity and you explore through meditation what this could mean. Pushing your focus on one Observer, you start to feel it function, see through its own eyes, and move as it does. Taking this Observer you look around at the Zealots and Dark Templar that it is assigned to go along with. A Zealot looks above him at the machine "This Observer is starting to act strangely, Valden take a look at it." A Dark Templar nods and moves towards you.

Mentally talk to the templar and inquire about any results of the search thus far. With the knowledge that you can control observers, you extend its vision with your psionic mind as you talk to the DT
"Hold-fast Templar Valden, I am the Executor and I have taken control of this Observer to aid you and your party directly in our search."

Valden takes a step back, absolutely surprised. "Fel'nir if this is some sort of trick i shall best you in combat right this second." The Zealot, though surprised, smiles, "Valden this is no trick on my part, it appears our Executor is a High Templar of exemplary power. Assist us as you can Executor, this power may allow you to enter zones we cannot access."

Fel'nir motions for the team to continue on. As you search through the hallways you attempt to figure out what can be done and what cannot be done to improve the Observer, viewing that multiple visions can be cast at once.

As the team turns the corner the Observer suddenly becomes revealed and all shields are taken from the Protoss team. The Ghost viewed through the infrared tosses a device and blinds the team and all sensors from the Observer. You feel as the Observer gets locked-down and can no longer send information to the Protoss, but you can still see through its eyes.

The Terran immediately shoots the head of a Zealot and runs toward Fel'nir. Fel'nir senses the distortion of the Ghost and slashes at his percieved location. The Ghost slides under his legs and shoots a High Explosive shell through his armor's joint, blowing apart Fel'nir's leg and killing him. One last Zealot and Valden remain, the EMP having worn off, they stand back to back to combat the Ghost. You hear Valden through the ports, "Why can we not sense him, he is only a lowly Terran where is he?"

The Ghost uncloaks six feet away from them aiming his rifle at the Zealot. "I may be a lowly Terran Ghost, but I have my own skills to call on. You Protoss think your so high and mighty just because you have lasers and sentient machines. I'll let you in on a little secret, we Terrans have our own tech and smart guys too, they invented this little device that when turned on can block all incoming and outgoing psionic signals. Oh and by the way, I'll let you go to your graves knowing that Malik Kane was the lowly Terran who kicked your asses." With that he blasts another EMP, drops the gun and grabs two knives from his sheaths, and throws them at the Zealot. The Zealot deflects one, and receives the other in his leg, wounding him in place. Valden, revealed by the EMP, rushes the Ghost with his warp-blade. Through the camera you see the Malik cloak and use some sort of psionically enhanced jump to move over Valden and towards the Zealot. Malik yanks out his knife and slashes the Zealot in the throat before turning around. He uncloaks again and turns to Valden.

"You will pay for this Terran, my warp-blade shall tear you asunder!"

"You can try, but I still have a wire on my gun." With that the Ghost yanks his gun by a tether, hitting Valden and interrupting the recharge of his shields. Valden takes the blow and lunges for the gun attempting to cut it but the Ghost ran forward with his knife into body blocking distance, and juts the knife into Valden's heart. "Curse you, Terran."

With the death of Valden, Malik shrugs off his body and picks up his weapon, checks the charge, and shoots another lock-down into the Observer. Then he proceeds to take his knives and then tears into the Observer for the recording hardware. As he makes the first stab, you feel as though he has stabbed you directly, and you feel the blade penetrating your metal exterior.

You lose consciousness from the pain and lose contact with the Observer.

By the next morning your in the medical bay, again. Your Lieutenants are standing by once more arguing on what to do with what has occurred. Hamas speaks "We cannot allow that Terran to have access to the Executor, we must assign guards to him to protect him from that Ghost." Solaris counters "We lost three ships from the explosives, and six more are damaged beyond repair. In the aftermath of that chaos we only found the scuff marks from his ship and our far range Observer patrol saw it disengaging from the area, he is not here, we need to assign these guards to damage control."

Listening to these two bicker and argue is always so tiresome, and you feel exactly like a stabbing victim who was skinned alive as well.


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