Vultureling's Adventure.

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A text-adventure, like Zorca's. WITH A TWIST. Same rules and such.

You are an elite Zerg creature. A Squirrellisk, which is a deadly(and fluffy) mutation of the Hydralisk. This creature's tail is its main weapon.
I need to go for the night soon, so I'll set out a little scenario. PLease have patience.

You spawn in a small Zerg colony. You are on a planet that erupts in lava every few hours, killing units on the low ground. Your brood has decent defenses.
WHat do you do first?
The drone dies. The Queen of your brood is pissed.
As punishment, she transforms you into a Kitling. The transformation HURT. -10 health.

You fall asleep. The next day, your colony is under attack by Terran! What do you do?
You push some Terran newbs into the lava. GOod joB! You're now a better rank, 10+ health.

I need posters!
Does it have to be a real Zerg creature? If, so, I vote a roach. If not, I vote a Kitling. Hehehe.
Can i be a Omegalisk???? or if not can i be like the dude form of kerrigan????(not the overmind)
I vote Infested Terran, simple and some-what intelligent that can do things humans can but is still Zerg.
oh i meant i vote for Omegalisk or a dude form of Kerrigan
Squirrellisk! I VOTE IT!
If I can not have the Kitling, then I must have the Squirrelisk. But please. See the epicness that is the Kitling.
why does noone like the omegalisk??? :(
Nick is definitely Da Man!
a deady ( and minature) minature mutation of the zergling
u spawn in pairs of 32 from larva
costs 50 minerals
dude aren't you playing the wrong game lol (jk)
hmm did i just become a killjoy?
Why is no one posting? I really wanted this to get popular. >:l

Edit: I saw that he edited it and there is no longer a vote. I say wait until the next lava surge and push in a drone for fun. Then go scouting.
06/13/2011 07:29 AMPosted by ILLADOR
I say wait until the next lava surge and push in a drone for fun. Then go scouting.

I second that decision

wait are we gonna all have our caracters like in zorca's or is it just gonna be 1 squirralisk that we all choose what happens to???
While he's gone you can go check mine out. It'll probly be crap but I atleast should get a chance. lol. Should be right under this one.
k i saw it and answered :) i get it now
It gets boring trolling forums waiting for something to happen. Think I'm gonna go play Starcraft. Might as well since I already missed my summer workout for school lol.

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