This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #5(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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"I got it!"
TYO finally controls the zerg. He wills them to stay at the planet while it explodes, and He himself calls foward an overlord to go to the new planet Joey Rays bar is in.

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TYO posted only 3 posts after my first, and he still Rps

Yay recognition! I try to check daily... but sometimes I can't.
Venom finds the bar on the new planet, and sees it under attack by speedlings. He blows one right through the window with a psionic shockwave, and tosses the other out the front door, watching it flail around crazily as it is in mid-flight. He then gets some psi cherries from Joey, and devours them ravenously.
Just then, You hear a yell coming from the back of the bar... "AGH A ZERGLING!! KILL IT! KILL IT!"

TYO breaks through the roof and lands on a Speedling.
"Sorry, was that anybody important?"
Vaporizing the other one with his acid spit, he looks calmly to Nick.
"Mindless zerg. They need to grow a brain... literary."
JESUS! NOT A ROACH TOO!!! Nick shouts as a roch busts thrugh the roof onto the floor in front of him. then, recognition. "Oh, hi TYO"
"Well good..."
TYO pauses, looks through the whole he just made, then continues.
"Good to see you agian." Nick replies.
"I hate to interrupt your cozy little reunion, but we seem to have a speedling problem on our hands." Venom is looking outside and sees a horde of speedlings gathered there, with more coming by the moment. "There must be something here attracting them..."
"Defensive positions. Now."
TYO moves up to the roof, and starts spraying down Zerglings.
Nick Shouts To James to toss him his ghost rifle, and then switches the firing mode to full auto. He also has his raven drop off another 3 auto turrets to the roof, and hovers in the air. He tells James to hop on the top of the raven, and he does. Nick proceeds to maneuver the raven with James on top of it mowing down the zerglings.
Venom moves into the doorway, and watches as the horde begins to advance. "Heh heh... we archons do like choke points. Come on lings, bring it!" the last thing to go through the minds of the lings charging the doorway is SPLASH DAMAGE OP!!!!
Nick pops his head out the corridoor, and chucks his only phase grenade out the door into the center of the swarm. a Huge Psi explosion sends speedlings arching through the air, to be blasted to bits by auto turrets.
Nick decides to do some "fancy flying" with his raven, and divebombs it towards the ground. At the last second, he pulls up, just enough above the ground that some of the zerglings have their bodies shredded by the fast moving metal.
"i would rather not debate about that Venom" jem throws a psi storm down in the middle of the speedlings killing or severely damaging almost all that got hit. 5 roaches unburrow right behind the speedlings and one roach pops up behind Jem. he dodges just in time to not to have his back sprayed with acid. "some help maybe?"

TYO posted only 3 posts after my first, and he still Rps

Yay recognition! I try to check daily... but sometimes I can't.

since i found this thread, i have always had a tab on it to check up on it, but idc about recognition. the thread is just to awesome to care :)
Nick obliges, and tosses his single reaper handgun with a trigger modification (fires two shots with every pull) through the new hole in the roof to Jem.
Blood sprays through the air as the combination of concentrated energy, metal, lead, and explosions tear through the swarms of speedlings
"this should do the job" Jem turns behind him and blasts the roach to pieces. he moves to shoot the other 5 and finds 4 of them dead with a psi storm over them. "need anymore help Jem?" rashak asks as she plunges a psi blade into the head of the last roach. "perfect timeing." more speedlings swarm through the door as a mighty roar is heard.

Nick sends a hail of bullets out his door as Swarmlings begin to overrun Venom, and a ultralisk begins to charge at the bar.
(This would be awesome to recreate with cortex)
Nick screams "KILL THAT ******* ULTRALISK GOD DAMN IT!

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