This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #5(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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"theirs just to many of them" Jem mutters as he throws down another psi storm on the speedlings. "dont be foolish we will be fine" Rashak yells at Jem as they keep cutting and blasting at the zerg. then, they see in the distance a ultralisk. the ultralisk roars and then is immediatly falls through a crack in the mantle and is incenerated.
The Raven sends out another Missile as a Huge crack appears in the ground, and a huge explosion is heard from behind.
Suddenly, the the sound of molten rock being launched into the air fills the surrounding area. A wave of lava destroys almost every zerg creature left, right as Venom runs back into the bar. Joey begins to close the neosteel plate coverings surrounding the bar as nick shouts to Jem and Rashak to get back in.
"What the hell is going on? The ground is shattering and all the zerg are being attracted to us. Can someone pinch me? I think I'm dreaming." Venom narrowly avoids falling into another crack in the surface that just appears.
Hours pass, and finally the plates are lifted, revealing the charred husks of the zerg's exoskeletons.
(Be back in a bit, have to work on a finals project.)
Venom wants to buy some new stuff, to better complement his fighting abilities. Around how much would a force field generator cost?
around 200-300 probably how much do you have? (50 a day for every day you post)
"That was fun."
TYO leaves his position, and goes down to relax in the bar.
(ill be back in a bit)
not sure exactly how much i have, but at 50 a day i should have like 1000. ima buy it, having forcefields will be kewl.
SO that Nick can do that we go.

Vultureling can't bear to see Nick in such agony. He decides to take the injuries for his own, figuring it was better to have the pain than to watch it. Nick blacks out for a moment, then is fully healed. Vultureling is gone for a while. (On bed)
Yp wakes up. He sees lava open up in he distance, and starts frantically dragging himself awy. "No... n-n-n-NO! I did NOT save mysel to get burnt to a crisp by a lava fault. I'M GOING TO STAY! ALIIIIVE!" Clink! Scraaaape... Clink! Scraaape... Clink! Scraape! Clink! Scraape, Clink scraape! "Yaaaaaaah!" Yp yelled as he worked himself into a fairly fast speed- fueled by a frenzy for survival. He moved quite a distance, and then he saw in the distance... a... bar? Hmm. Must be some sort of mini-settlement. Oh well, he'd probably be safe there. He got himself over there, and then blacked out again, for an hour (while you keel the zerg). He woke up again. He got himself to the door of the bar, got out of the SCV, and then blood spurted out of his leg from moving out, and he blacked out again.
Jem and Rashak relax and get some solar shakes to cool down after the fight. (time for me to go aft[away form thread] for awhile)
A huge flock of Mutalisks and Guardians approach the Joeyray's and begin to pummel it with glave wurms and acid spores.
The bar's armor will not hold against so much punishment.

Suddenly, a Valkyrie swoops down and fires a hailstorm of H.A.L.O missiles. Every mutalisk is reduced to a red cloud. The remaining Guardians fly away in fear.
The Valkyrie then fires Backlash rockets at the zerg that made it to high ground.
The ship flies away to hunt the remaining Guardians, only one survived.

The Valkyrie flies over to the bar, the cockpit is now visible. Its James and Vulturelisk.
The duo give each other a high five and land on top of the bar.
Yp lapses back into consciousness, tries to get up, and immediately falls back down, coughing up some blood. He steadies himself against the doorway, and gets up, and is able to hold himself up this time. He goes against the wall, until he reaches the ordering area. "I'm... going to need some help."
James exits the Valkyrie and kisses one of its side plating.

"You haven't failed me once old girl."

James lifts a trap door and drops down into the bar interior. Vulturelisk follows.

"WOOH!" He shouts.
James looks around the room and sees the hurt SCV pilot.

His smile fades and he rushes over to the injured comrade.

James clears a table (breaking some glasses), slings Yp around on his shoulder and sets him on the table.

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