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I've seen a lot of reviews going, "this is the best mouse i've ever gotten."
So i was planning to buy it but what i'm wondering is would it ACTUALLY have any effect on my game?
I mean i understand that it's a great mouse and all but would it even help in the slightest?
Its not going to automatically make you better at the game, if that's what you're wondering. Although I suppose it would depend on the quality of the mouse you are using now.

However, I have been using one for over a year, and its a fantastic piece of hardware which I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good gaming mouse. They aren't that expensive either.
I have been using one since last winter. The only difference it has made is a more comfortable and smoother feel when gaming. For those reasons alone I do recommend it, plus it looks really cool.
yeah i looked at the design and i was like OOO this is SICKK
but im still debating on whether to get it or not...
It really depends on your current mouse and the settings your are comfy with. For example I have a Razer Naga set to 5500DPI sensitivity. Once you get used to how little you have to move it you can get REALLY precise mouse control without having to flail your arm all over the place. It takes about 1.5 inches of movement to go from one side of my 1360x768 screen to another.

It's always great when someone else tries to use my computer and just can't even click anything...
my current mouse only has 800 DPI i believe. Would it improve my misclicks?
Your mouse control comes from your comfort with the settings you have, I happen to like small movments for my mouse control, but I've been playing with high sensitivity mice since the early 2000's. Like I said if you attempted to use my computer you'd be all over the place at first, it takes getting used to, but it allows me to be both precise and fast without a lot of movement.

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