i had an oponent begging me to serender

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One time when i was kicking a guys can one time and he begged and i mean begged me to serender because i was kicking his can so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i loved every minute of it.
Your grammar denies you.

i do not care
One time I was getting my butt kicked, his zerg rush was tering me to pieces, and my fight was dying. I said gg, and he left. I mean, I did have a cruiser in his base, and I HJAD torn part his air defenses, but still. I loled
I was playing a custom game, and I was host. A guy disconnected in the lobby. For the rest of the game the dude's teammate called me a cheater cuz he thought I kicked the guy. I still have the replay :D
I woke up today and ate breakfast - it was glorious.
i had one guy think he killed me i said "IM NOT DEAD YET!" and then kicked him to the next planet...
One time in 2v2 the opponets ally left. We got stomped SO bad cuz we never killed the workers and the guy who left was min feeding him
I was in a 2v2 and my ally suddenly left, and we had been playing a few games in a row so it was completely unexpected...and I typed to my enemies and we all kinda laughed that I was screwed and a little while later they came at me and my old ally's base, and I crushed both their armies without losing more than 20 units, walked across the map and destroyed...It was pretty epic. :)

This one time, uh, I was playing starcraft 2, and uh, I had a gun, uh, and uh, a lazer beam, and uh it was shooting a zerg, and uh, the zerg.....died.....and uh...uh....I had a shield...uh, it was, uh, a magic shield and uh, I was invincible and uh, I killt the zerg.
I was playing a 3v3 today and decided to early harass. We ran them over without much of a fight. Last 5 minutes was a scavenger hunt but I eventually found his base in the corner of the map. After the win I got promoted to silver league. I logged, went to the restroom, and took a dump. Epic day.
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