How well will these PC's run?

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Hi everyone.
I'll be going to college this fall, so I am purchasing a laptop for school. My budget is about ~$900, and I will be using it mostly for Starcraft along with school work. Right now I am looking into these two computers posted below.

I am looking for a computer that will pretty much run Starcraft on medium-ish settings. Not a huge computer gamer, but I will be playing this often and Diablo 3. Opinions? Perhaps someone has another option as well. I am leaning toward the MSI however. I think it looks sharper, and its cheaper.

I guess my question is, what can I expect with each of these?
Thanks in advance! I appreciate it!
You want to look at discrete video cards if you want to get a laptop. I would also suggest that you get with an i5 Sandy Bridge since the energy consumption is alot better.

Don't forget you can get a free Xbox 360 when getting a PC that costs $699 or more :D
I'd go with the ASUS if thats your options, the radeon video will be better than running an intel chipset. I'd think you could run medium to high on the ASUS, low to medium on the MSI.

I wish you had the option to customise it a lil, like getting a 7200rom HD, but I don't see that possible on the site.

The i7 mobile is a nice chip and shouldn't have much trouble with SC2, the main issue will be the graphics card and the ASUS has the better, but not great.

Unless you have something against HP, check out this if you can squeeze a little more of a budget, this starts at $949 with a little bit better video card:

Has a better video card with cheap upgrade options and you can get a free change to a 7200rpm HD. Same processor as the ASUS.

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