This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Migrating to planet

As the bar hastily lifts off, Joey makes a mistake. The bar flies wildly, and crashes on a lush, tropical planet.
You guys hear wild animals a roamin', plants a hissin'. Seems like paradise.


Add me to speak with me!
Vultureling #390

School starts tomorrow, wish me luck...
Sure thing! if worst comes to worst, I could grab a cleaver, and pry her off. If any cuts would occur, they would be small and clean. (To jay)

(Vultureling said until it filled, is it at its max?)

"Okay, do it quick, If the bar's moving again, we might be screwed if we can't get her off..."
Yeah, Or I could use my warp blades. The blades would warp away the materials, instead of cutting them. While it could hurt, it would make sure that no infection would possibly infect her.
Venom comes back to the bar as it's about to lift off, and says: "Arn't any of you concerned about what she might morph into? I don't fancy an ultralisk appearing in the middle of the bar."
(kk, where will the bar be moving next? if ur doing the number thing, i choose 1)

"The deed is done."
"I don't know, i sure hope she dosen't grow into anything big, or i might have to buy a hercules just to be able to haul her around..-_-"
What do you thing she will morph into? Zerglings would be quite a handful, two insanely fast animals with combat knifes for arms...... Pygalisks would be cool.....
"lol, idk, but it won't be normal. Remeber on that trip i told you guys about? Her mother said she was special, zerglings would be too common. Let's just hope this *special* thing isn't very big..."
Just hope she wont be a Omegalisk or something, we would have to leave her behind unless we attached like 50 plyons and warp her around.....
A hunter killer would be cool....... perhaps a sort of queen or something?
*eyes widen*

"Jeez, don't jinx me! Even a hercules won't be able to haul her around if she's Omegalisk spawn"

*Jay takes the cocoon and sets it in front of her*

"I don't even know what i'm going to do now, can i hitch a ride with you?"

(Nick, i'm sorry, but i also forgot the name of ur character, lol)


And yes, I givve you a ride.... I have a raven. You know what, I should get a Atv or something....
*crosses fingers and whispers over and over...... "Please be a hunterkiller, please be a hunter killer, please be a hunter killer......"

This soon changes too.... "Please be a cerebrate, please be a cerebrate, please be a cerebrate....."
(lol, yeah)

"Thanks, now, please help me get her loaded up"

*Jay whispers to the cocoon*

"As soon as you hatch Zara, you can eat ALL the jellybeans you want..."

*Jay turns to nick, seeing him repeating PLZ BE A HUTERKILLER with his fingers crossed*

"NIck! you seriously think she's going to hatch NOW?"
07/19/2011 07:22 PMPosted by Mockingjay
"NIck! you seriously think she's going to hatch NOW?"

"Nooo..... but......."

*He then continues chanting for the next five minutes.....*

*Jay sighs, then leaves Nick to his strange ritual work to load Zara into Nick's raven*

"Jeez Zara, you weigh like 50 pounds, how much jellybeans did you EAT??"

*Jay finally gets Zara situated in the cargo bay. she wipes the cocoon biomass on her pants*

"Eww, i hope your not an infestor either, all i need is to become the next Sarah Kerrigan..."
Nick then gets up, and orders a jar of psi cherries, and offers one to jay.

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