This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

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I have a really bad feeling that Jay and Steve have left the forum.....Permanently.

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I have a really bad feeling that Jay and Steve have left the forum.....Permanently.

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The doors at the far end of the hangar burst open, as enemy zealots charged in. Steve quickly lifted the phoenix off the ground, and accelerated towards the doors. Steve didn't have time to teach Jay the controls (they're way different from Terran ships) so he took over control, blasted the door out of the way with a plasma bolt, and flew into the sky, leaving the zealots behind.

"Okay Jay. I hope your PI (psionic index) is over 6, and here's the controls. You'll see that around your seat, there's a number of glowing orange panels, and there's a screen in front of you. That screen is so you can see what you're targeting. Just place your hand into the blue power field to your right to activate the panels. After that, just think about what you want to shoot, and the panels will analyze your brainwaves and do what you tell them to. I've already recalibrated them to accept Terran brainwaves. You'll be able to see what's going around you through the screen. In order to see what's behind or to the side, just think about being able to see that. Easy enough. I'm giving you access to all the ship's weapons, which are the plasma bolts, lasers, antimatter torpedoes as well as... oh. This must be a custom model. It has a stasis field. You have access to all of those. And now, for your first test."

Six enemy scouts emerged from the hangar behind them and began firing.

"Don't worry about evasion. I've got that covered. Just focus on shooting those scouts down."
Back at his ship he gets out of his power armor. Further examination by the ships computer shows that the suit has just about had it and is slowly becoming nonfunctional.
"Well thats just grand." LeKroger says to himself.
Turning to Q "just getting some spare parts huh?" He asks Q
Okay, *does what Steve was talkin about*

"Btw, actually, idk what my PI is, they never really told me...."
Steve executes a barrel roll to dodge a missile just as the last of the scouts exploded behind him.

"Marvelous. Your performance was about 1100% better than most first-timers."

Steve flew the phoenix into a cloud.

"Alright. I'm going to swing by the enemy base, put stasis fields over their communication spires. We don't want the carriers to know we're coming."

Steve swung the phoenix around, and began circling the base.

"The spires are the large black and orange glowing structures. Shoot the stasis fields as soon as you get in range. There's three. I'm also detecting increasing stalker counts."

Steve prepared to dive towards the first spire.

"Shoot it!"
Looking all over the ship for anything that may stabilize his suit LeKroger turns up with nothing. He takes one last look at his armor and see where the black paint faded and chipped. It shows beneath the red markings of the Dominion. Memories flash and he looks sternly at the suit it saved his life many times through so much. Sitting down he thinks that he might be able to salvage some of it such as the motion tracker and a few other parts. He heads out to hunt for some food as the bar is not serving anything right now.
-havent tried Cortex before and i am interested in learning if any of ya are willing to teach me code is 690 if you want to add me.-
IM BAaaaaacc#@!k
Why is thatbleeped?
(lol, idk)

*Jay does as Steve says, hoping they finally find James in all this !@#$....*
the letters k k k are bleeped when spaced together Nick, cuz they think it means koo klux klan rofl. Venom orders some psi cherries from Joey, still annoyed that all his credits disappeared.
Ah, thank you for the explanation, venom, and I think the reason everyone "lost" their credits, is because we have so many, we could buy an entire armada of carriers in he blink of an eye.
*Jay sighs as they now fly along,all danger passed, and it seems almost peaceful as they follow the carriers now as they begin waiting for the right moment to board the one Jay has guessed James is on*

*Jay's sitting in the back, cross-legged, her eyes glazed over, seeming to almost glow a light blue color, a lost expression on her face*

"Idk Steve, I can tell which one he's on, I can sense his presence, hell, I can tell he's almost scared !@#$less...but...I can't actually find him....this is so strange....this has never happened before, that I can't find what i'm after...."


*Zara sighs, she's back at the bar (whereever it is, o.O) and is chowing down on one of the last bag of Jellybeans she had left from Jay leaving. She seems depressed*

*She mutters to herself*

"Why does no one talk to me, I can even TALK now, and still, no one seems to even notice i'm here....:\"
Walking into the bar in his civilian cloths he notices Zara looking depressed. Walking over to the zerg larva he tosses her another bag of jellybeans. "How you holding in Zara?'" He asks
(I notice, but GENCONNNNNNNN...also, I'm not in your plot.... (insert coded language here)
Your at Gencon? How is it? Venom sells the jeweled necklace he stole from the dominion bank on Terra for 250 credits, scrambling for any money he can get.
Gencon (I'm back)


(Except for smelly gamers at the 3-4 day.)(Eck.)
*Zara looks up from her claws, she is still a roach*

*She sighs*

"I rather miss Jay, now i'm just all alone, and have no one really to talk to....oh, thanks for the Jellybeans,"

*She takes them then sets them next to her, to eat later*


*Jay becomes frustrated with her problem, being the fact she still can't pinpoint Jame's exact Location, yet she hides her anger and worry. Her eyes are now glowing brightly, still glazed over*

"Why cant i find you James? *she whispers to herself as she turns her distant gaze over to Steve* Steve, what is wrong with me? I...i can't find him...."
(Btw, where is everyone? O.o....I just came in, there were posts from a few minutes ago, and you guys arent even HERE? O.o)

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