This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

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Nick decides to scout the protoss base for a site that he could temporarily disable all anti air fire, and call in a H.A.L.O. strike team to disable the main guns on the base. He sets off, and after some searching, he sees a small base towards the back, and a large dish on the top of it. He quickly concludes that this is their communications array, and tries to find the quickest way to take it down.
After many long hours trying to figure out a way to take out the array, he decides to get inside of it, and set up a faked loop, and tell all the guns to face the northwest flank, and have a medivac drop troops into the rear of the base, and cause chaos between the protoss, and possibly take over the energy cannon.
*Jay looks at steve, waiting for an answer to her problem*


*Zara sighs. She's prettymuch alone in her corner booth-where she and Jay would normally sit. LeKroger seems to have left her, and she is now nibbleing on some of the jellybeans he gave her*

DoomerX's warp prism (hovers?) at a protoss base by some big guns.
He warps down and shouts "HAHA I bet you forgot about me!" Then a strike team shot down his warp prism and it is now about to fall on him. "WHAT TEH FU-" *huge explosion*
Welcome back, Nick.
Gencon was great.
I have no idea what you guys are doing, there's like 5 plots going on.

Vultureling quietly sits at the bar, pretty sure Jay/Zara doesn't see him. "For the better, I suppose..." He mutters, thinking about all the damage he's done (other plotline.).
A small explosion happens from inside of the carrier...
08/05/2011 05:57 PMPosted by LeKroger
-havent tried Cortex before and i am interested in learning if any of ya are willing to teach me code is 690 if you want to add me.-

I shall teach you the art of Cortex Roleplay, young grasshopper.

I am always on, so I am almost always available.
Welcome back, Nick.
Gencon was great.
I have no idea what you guys are doing, there's like 5 plots going on.

Vultureling quietly sits at the bar, pretty sure Jay/Zara doesn't see him. "For the better, I suppose..." He mutters, thinking about all the damage he's done (other plotline.).

Sorry, I will explain, Because you edited your post after I had edited mine, we decided that the next world would take place against rouge protoss, and the bar would be at the terran outpost that was on the planet before the protoss decided to destroy all life other than hybrids and themselves.

I am trying to take out their coms, and the jay and steve have just infiltrated one of the carriers. My raven crash landed after they blew out the engines and fried the power source with an energy cannon, while Zara escaped back to the bar, in the terran outpost. Sorry for any miscoveniances.
"Staff Sergeant Nick to Echo squad one, we have a mess to clean up, a group of protoss have started a small rebellion, and they are killing everything on sight, we have to crush this group before they can gain any influence. The have a wide array of weapons, I wish to have a group of 3 drop pods, I want 3 marines with AGR-14s, a BOSUN FN92 for myself, a intercom set to the entire group, and a group of 5 medics and a additional seven marines. Make sure to equipt them with P-55 Scythe pistols, we're going to need it."

"I will designate the drop zone when ready, expect it within the hour."
Nick cloaked and slowly opened the door to the inside of the coms room, luckily, the area is fully automated, and no detectors were nearby. he quickly hacked into the system, and set the loop up, saying that many battle cruiser were going to warp in from the north eastern flank of the base. He then set out to designate an area for landing. He pulled out his warp blade, and cleared an area of trees for the drop zone.

"The drop zone is clear, coordinates are 7,3,3,45,8. Commence drop sequence, and debrief the troops in their headsets on the way down. Also, give me a list of the troops names, I want to be able to keep communications to a simple level.
In the next ten minutes, Nick used his binoculars to find out which areas to attack first, to cause the most disruption. He decided that the three marines with AGRs would hang back, and pick off stragglers, while he and the others would fight their way to the Energy cannon, and use it to take down the carriers. From there, they would push their way to the cannons, and see about disabling the power, and looting what they can of the precious metals.

*Three streaks of light arching thrugh the sky, are all that anyone ever sees of the drop pods accelerating towards the ground.*

When the troops arrive, he informs them of the plan, and tells the snipers to get set up, and the others to get ready.
I move behind Nick. Being able to see him as i once was a dark templar who knew the arts of cloak.

" Tell me why i shouldn't kill you right now" I say ominously with my laser amulet charged.
"I dare you to try, all these troops have thermal vision, and we can see you clear as day."

*Back to the troops*

"Alright, remember, Use armor piercing rounds, most of these guys are heavily armored, even the zealots have a large amount of armor. We will move in of the left flank, and fight our way thrugh the weak point on the right side of that building, then get to the energy cannon, do what we can to reinforce it, then shoot down the carriers before they reach the outpost. Then, we can call down the medivacs to pick us up and get us home. by then their troops will be without air support, unorganized, and most will be wounded. By then, other troops will be able to do search and destroy on the remaining rebels."
*Doomerx, please keep things oriented to the thread. You are not evil, you have no motive, I'm trying to help everyone. What you are doing is interrupting and disrupting this thread.*
Nick-getting online is nice.
Sorry, I do not have access to sc2 currently.
-Sorry been busy with moving just got setted in.-
LeKroger went to go get himself a small meal he wasnt feeling particularly hungry at the time. Orders a small portion or muta-wings and goes back over to Zara in hopes of cheering her up.
"Hey dont worry Jay will be back before you know it." He says trying to help her feel at least a little better.
....I miss Steve, lol
DoomerX suddenly felt a disturbing sense of hopelessness. He quickly commandeered a warp prism and flew away
Wondering how the others are fairing he hopes they find James soon. Hearing an explosion in the distance he assumes they have found where he is at least. LeKroger gets up from the table where Zara is and offers to take Zara with him so she is not alone. He knows being alone isn't much good for anyone

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