This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Venom goes outside the bar and begins digging. He isn't digging as a human would, he is floating there as the ground next to him gradually disappears. The hole keeps getting deeper and deeper, but Venom doesn't stop.
Sorry Jay. I've been stuck in a no-internet zone.

"Excellent work. We will now rendezvous with the target carrier."

Steve opened the throttle, and the phoenix shot out of the cloud. The carrier was just ahead. It was a massive oblong golden object. Steve could feel it's powerful psionic emanations from inside the phoenix. One wrong move, and the phoenix would be scrap metal.

"This is Firebird 01S, requesting docking."

"You're cleared for docking, Firebird01S. En Taro Tassadar, welcome aboard."

"En taro Tassadar."

Steve deftly piloted the phoenix into the dock.

"Cloak, and then move out."
Upon landing, you hear what sounds like an alarm going off inside of the carrier...

Something is not right...
*Uses CPR to revive thread*
*Nick pulls down his face mask, and through the intercom instructs his troops;*

"Alright, John, Matt and Peter, we need a diversion, Take over that small outpost to the north east of our objective, to draw troops away. I can then have the snipers pick off the troops as they advance on you. I will then take Carl, Ethan, Ian and Jake with me to take over the energy cannon. The, we will clear a path for you using grenades from you to us. I then want you to Run thrugh there, and begin entrenching the area surrounding the energy cannon. Got it?"


"For the love of your god, call me Nick. Anyways, John, Matt and Peter, you will be supported by medics Lisa and Olivia. The rest of you will be supported by Valerie, Rachel, and Jessica."

"Lets move"
*Helps Sitnduckz with CPR*
JAY! WHERE ON EART- ...I mean AIUR ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?

"Alarms have been set off! MOVE!"

The walls turned transparent, and zealots phased through and charged towards the pair.

Steve cloaked and destroyed the zealots with impunity, then swiftly moved through the corridors.

"Come on!"

Steve sprinted down the corridor and activated the gravity lift.

"We don't have much time. Follow me!"

Steve stepped into the lift, and was transported into another corridor.

Six immortals stepped into the corridor and aimed their phase distruptors at Steve.

Back at the bar LeKroger sees venom outside digging. He wonders why he is dong so but decides against asking. What ever the archon is wanting to is his own business. He looks back to Zara who still hasn't responded to him yet.
Sudennly gront stumbles out of the forest with a spine in his neck. "H...hunter kill..killers. th...thousands of them! BLERGH" (I just decided to kill of my character)
(Why if you dont mind my asking though im sure it is understandable.)
Seeing Gront stumbling out of the forest with a spine in his neck LeKroger rushes out to aid him though didn't make it to him in time. This doesn't look good he thinks to himself.
Along with the alarm, you hear:

"Warning, Prison Break at cell 3C"


"Warning, Armory breach"
(Sorry, been on a mini-vacation up north here, was fun, but now i realize how much it sucks here at my house, xD)

*Jay looks up at the immortals*

"More like OH !@#$ Steve,"

*Fiddles around with her belt and frees a smoke granade, along with a few shredders and lets them loose on the immortals*

"Steve, come on, where's the Armory? It has to be James setting off the alarm!"
You hear what sounds like... Gunfire? What ever it is, it does not sound far.
*Hears the gunshots, then just yanks Steves arm to follow her*

"Come on, those gunshots HAVE to be James, follow me!"
Steve psionically lifts one immortal and smashes it into the second.

"Time to move."

"Hrm. Let's see... the armory... wait for it... LEFT!"

Steve yanked Jay around a corner. A charging zealot smashed into the far wall.

"We need to make it to the second gravity lift. It's just around this corner..."

Three zealots warped in directly in front of Steve. Steve promptly smashed the trio into the floor.


They came around a corner, and was met with a dead end.

"Just give me a second... hold off those zealots, would you?"

Six zealots and an immortal came around the corner.

Steve hacked the lock, and the wall turned transparent.


Steve yanked Jay through the wall, and the wall solidified behind them. They could hear the psionic shouts of the protoss behind the wall.

"I reprogrammed the lock. Armory's just ahead."
*Jay pants, tired from all the running*

"Okay, i hope this is James causing all this trouble...."

*She follows Steve to the Armory*
James seems to have been here.

Upon arriving to the armory, you see dead zealots, all over the room. All of them have been killed with a Psi-blade and/or a gunshot to the head.

Flak Pistol shells are on the floor.

A computer with some blood on it seems to have been tampered with...

And both Grav-Lifts are broken.
*Jay smiles*

It must be James Steve, we gotta follow his trail, *her eyes glaze over for a second, then change back, and points to the right*

He went that way, i can't see him but he's been there. MOVE!



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