This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

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*Jay runs down the hallway, not really caring is Steve is following her anymore, and encoutners more immortals.*

"Damn it,"

*She cloaks, manuvaring around them, then bolts for the direction she believed James went, but finds herself at a dead end of a hallway*

"But, i was so sure...."
You feel like something is watching you....from the ceiling.
*Jay senses something watching, then slowly moves her gaze to the ceiling. She smiles*

"Well, what do we have here?"
The being drops right on top of you.

Before you know it, a psi-blade is at your neck.

"Well what do ya know..." says the being.

The being's face comes into sight.

Its James.

He gets off of Jay and pulls her back up to her feet.

"'Bout damn time you got here. Was beginning to think I to take on this entire carrier on my own."
Mike (from like #2 or some crap like that, been a LONG while) appears all of a sudden, in a fighter(Viking), behind (like 200 yards) behind the carrier.

"What the hell- a carrier?"
Hiya Nuparu! I remember you! You have a marauder, right? I don't remember a viking though......
Leaving the bar Lekroger returns to his wraith. Its bout the only thing he has left besides his firearms. He starts to clean the outside of it and repairing any damage. He goes inside and start to clean his weapons. Should take a little while.
*Jay brushes her self off, and puts her hand to her neck* "Jeez, you know your quite a bit heavier than me. **She rubs the side of her neck, where the psi-blade nearly touched her skin. she looks down the corridor* Come on, we need to get you out of here, but now we need to re-find Steve, i sorta left him behind a least...i think i did....after that, we need to go find the pheonix Steve and i stole."
"Yeah, but first...wait, Jay, where's my knife? You got my knife right?! I need my knife! WHERE'S MY FEKKING KNIFE!"
"Knife? Which one? Tell me, maybe i can find it,*her eyes particially glaze over, ready to search for it*.
"MY COMBAT KNIFE! The one with the freaking Protoss symbol on it!!! Don't tell me you left it back at the Valkyrie!"
"HEY! Don't yell at me! How the hell was i supposed to know where it was? *Jay's eyes return to their normal color.* Danm it James, its only a knife, but....*Jay looks at her own psi-knife, her father gave it to her before he left her family*...she sighs....
*Jay stares at James for a minute, then says cooly* James. We can go back to the remains of your ship later and look for it. But right now, we NEED to get out of here. Okay?
"No, a devil has his due on this ship. And I am going to make sure he pays it."

James runs off, toward the ship's bridge.
Somewhere behind Jay, several Protoss exploded into charred pieces.

"Sorry. Got held up. And here's your knife..."

Steve reached into the air and closed his fist. The air shimmered. When he opened his fist, Jame's knife was there.

*Jay yells at James as he runs to the bridge, following him close behind* Damn it James, this is no damn time for an assasination mission!
James ignored Jay, he had one thing on his mind.


James sprinted down the hallways, killing anything that got in his way as he past.
"Damn it!" *Jay sprints to catch up with him, now running side by side* Wtf is your problem James? WE NEED TO GO!"
James shoves Jay aside and approaches the Brigde's huge blast door.

He stabs his Psi-Blade into the control panel and tears it abart.

The door quickly opens, and 5 zealots rush out.

James dispatches 2 quickly with a slash to the head while they where close.

He kills another with rapid gut stabs.

Executes a zealot by cutting off his head.

And finally kills the last one, Assassin's Creed style. XD

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