This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

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08/18/2011 04:52 PMPosted by Sitnduckz
And finally kills the last one, Assassin's Creed style. XD

OOC: Lol

*Jay holds her now throbbing arm as she gets up from the ground. She hadn't anticipated James's spaz attack. She sighs. If you can't beat them-join them. Jay catches up with James again, and instead of talking some sense into him, assists him in killing the protoss that get in their way.*
James rushes into the Carrier's Bridge.

Up at the controls, it a High Templar, guarded by 2 Dark Templar.

James walks up a bit closer.

"Zaz'hek." he says to the Templar.

The Templar looks at James.

"Hudson..." the Templar says to him.

(+5 cookie points to the person that remembered the list)
(Nice, I forgot till you mentioned it though i don't remember who all is on it. ill have to look at it again)
Lekroger just finished cleaning his ship and weapons, and begin to power up the wraith. He feels the need to do something He's going nuts waiting for the others to get back. He sees a carrier that has stopped and is on its own. Maybe they are on there Lekroger thinks to himself. Maybe I can do something he thinks to himself as he takes of and turns on his semi functional clock.
*Jay walks up behind him, now confused*

"Yes, I'm kick his !@#."

James approaches the Templar.

The Templar signals his Dark Templar guards to attack.
*Jay sighs. No getting out of this now. She pulls out a last smoke granade and chucks it in the corner, filling the room with smoke. She pulls out a psi-knife. She talks to James through the think smoke.*

"James, this should even it out. I got the dark templars. You go get your target."

*Jay plunges deep into the smoke*
"Very well."

James activated his Psi-Blade and charged straight for the Templar.

(Does anyone here play Cortex Roleplay? XD)
(I DO! :D)

*Jay encounters a dark templar, swiftly dodgeing his attacks. She gets behind him, and slices his neck.*
(So do I...)

Important announcement...I'll be AFK from Monday-Friday next week.
08/19/2011 01:27 PMPosted by Vultureling
Important announcement...I'll be AFK from Monday-Friday next week

(wanting to try it just havn't had the time to get on to starcraft. Ill probably be away for the next few days as well.)
LeKroger get closer to the carrier. He targets the hanger doors and fires 2 missiles at it. The shields deflect the damage, though by the way they flickered they were losing power. He goes around and lines up for one more shot. He fires his last to missiles. The doors are blown open wide enough for his wraith to get in. The explosions had gotten the attention of the protoss inside though they couldn't see the ship they knew he was there. More alarms go off. On the bridge a message his heard that there is a hull breach in the hanger bay.
08/19/2011 01:27 PMPosted by Mockingjay
(I DO! :D)




A scream followed by the sound of splattering liquids filled the air.


Nick said as a zealot tore out Jonathon's spine.

A series of explosion erupted around him, killing both the medics Rachel and Jessica, and a few zealots busted out of a building, heading towards the crippled Valerie.

Johnathan, Carl and Ethan lay in pieces around him, all mutilated by zealots and body parts charred by plasma. Nick fired the last round out of his Sniper rifle into the nearest zealot, and unsheathed his combat knife, and viciously charges at the zealots advancing on the downed medic, and in a savage move jumps up, stabs the knife into the back of the zealots head, and in an arc continues down, tearing out the zealots throught and rendering the right arm useless.
(I DO! :D)




OOC: I'm dead serious. :D

...but sadly, i'm away from the computer i have starcraft downloaded on, :\

I wouldn't be able to play until perhaps...sunday? Maybe Saturday. So like, a 1 day minimum, :D
Friend mi! :D

Sitnduckz, Code: 914
OOC: And back to the rp...

*Jay finishes off the dark templar, only to be tackled by the other one, hiding deep in the smoke.*
A bright blue pulse illuminated the room, which was followed up by an explosion to the left.

"Come on! We're getting out of here!"

Steve grabs both Jay and James and jumps out of the hole the explosion made. One could see six colossi and several immortals enter the room they were just in.

They fell through the air at an alarming pace, where they bumped into the phoenix Steve arranged to catch them.

"Strap yourselves in, no time to explain."

The phoenix took off as the carrier released a barrage of interceptors. As well as twenty other phoenixes. An explosion occurred on the starboard wing.

"This is going to get tricky. Jay, just do whatever you can. I'll try to minimize damage."

Steve performed a barrel roll, then corkscrewed towards the ground.

"We're coming under heavy anti-aircraft fire..."

A plasma bolt zipped past the port laser battery.

*Jay is more confused than anything by the moment*

"Wtf was that Steve? *She sighs* I'll thank you for saving my butt, but James is prolly pissed off now..."

*Jay begins to shoot down various ships*
08/20/2011 06:17 AMPosted by you
barrel roll

Omg.Omg.Omg. We're resetting credits, you start with 100. You did. A. Fekking. BARREL. ROLL.
(Who gets the reference?)

(Why the lol? Oh yeah..I don't contribute anymore :D)

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