This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

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Jay was right on.

James was pissed.

Really pissed.

He even tried to stab Steve.
Jame's knife made contact with Steve, and his knife fizzled and vaporized.

"Knives don't work well against archons."

Steve looped around two phoenixes, then dropped rapidly. The two phoenixes in front disintegrated. He swerved and shot straight up.

"For those of you who are Terrans, you may wish to attempt to hold onto your breakfast."

Steve did a tight corkscrew, dropped like a rock, then did a 180 degree turn and flipped around several times. Two more phoenixes exploded.

"There are some times where I feel lucky to be Protoss."

Steve did another corkscrew. He heard some groaning behind him.

"Feeling nauseous?"
*Jay's actually screaming in delight*!!!
James knife did not vaporize. Its made of a super strong alloy.

James sat in the back, still not amused.
*Jay's smile fades as she realizes how pissed James looks. She sighs*

"Damnit James, it wasn't a frinking assasination mission to begin with. Its good we got you out of there."
*Sensing the others in the air above him....*

"HELP ME!!!!!"

Nicks combat knife metal had been heated up by plasma, And while molten, the knife was dripping apart, and nick had third degree burns all over from both the molten metal and energy displacement from his now broken cloak. He pulled out the warp blade, and used the pole as a quarter staff, fending off attacks, but more and more protoss began to surround him, and salkers were beginning to warp in.

Nick turned off the power going to the warp blades, and smeared what he could of the molten outer metal of the knife on the pole, and created the equivalent of a one time use fire spear, and stabbed one of the zealots in the arm, causing it to fall to the groun in pain. He deftly brought the heavy pole doown apon the zealots head, killing him. He then spun around to face the other zealots, only backing off because they dont want to be next. They only had to wait for reinforcements.....
The air began to electrify, as the nearby pylon started to crackle with energy, forcing atoms to take the shape of a stalker, beginning the warp sequence. He knew he didn't have much more time.

Nick hurled his spear like object through the pylon, stopping the nearest stalkers from warping in.

*He spoke through his marine com set*

"keep moving till you reach the treeline, then continue to snipe and harass the protoss with fire. Godspeed to all of you."

Nick pulled out his now penknife sized knife, and wait for whatever would happen next.
Causing more trouble in the carrier Lekroger was Firing his burst laser at anything that moved in the hanger. He didnt have much longer before the cloak generator ran out of energy. He fires a few more shots and quickly flees back to the bar. On his way he sees terran soldiers moving into the woods being followed by zealots. He trys to help them out some by firing a couple shots at the zealots.
Hearing the the screeching of the low flying aircraft, and the explosions from the burst lasers, the zealots turned their heads to see what had happened, useing this moment of distraction, nick stabbed one of the zealots multiple times in the chest, killing him. Nick then turned on the last zealot.
The cloak generator shuts off revealing LeKroger's Wraith. It doesn't seem like a good time for it to turn off He thinks to himself. He doesn't see any anti-air troops within range of shooting him down. He sees Nick in a small clearing. "I guess I did help some." He mutters watching him stab one of the zealots.
Were is everyone? 0.o
I'm wondering the same thing nick
"You are never going to get a better roller coaster. Ever."

An explosion on the phoenix's wing made it spin.

"Shields at 60%. This is going better than I thought."

Laser fire erupted from the ground.

"I retract that statement. We are coming under heavy anti-air fire."

Steve veered sharply swinging around upside-down and spinning. He brushed past an enemy scout, which exploded.

"I modified the design a little bit. Now, the wings function like giant psi-blades. It was a bit tricky to do it while running from six colossi, but psionics come in handy."

Three antimatter torpedoes zipped past the fin.

"We're just about to make it..."

Two plasma bolts zipped across the wings. The 3rd hit the backside.

"Everyone take one of these."

Steve handed out a few grey oblong objects.

"Those are gravity bombs. You can use it to slow your descent onto the ground. Just don't drop it. Prepare to jump on my mark."

Steve turned sharply, putting the phoenix on a collision course with the carrier's vulnerable interceptor hangars.


The phoenix's doors opened, and Steve jumped out.
Nick heard the sound of the pheonix before he saw it. Antiaircraft cannons erupted into a chorus of gunfire, pounding the sky with streaks of blueish light. fire brushed the aircraft, and one of the wings came alight with fire, and it begun to spiral out of control.
LeKroger watches a phoenix go down in antiaircraft fire. When the phoenix goes down the guns redirect to LeKroger's ship. He evades most of it and checks the cloak generator. 1/4 power not enough to allow him to get to safety. He evades more fire and turns towards a anti-air set up and fires the laser cannon at it. He takes out several of the crew of the gun.
*Jay stared out the door after Steve*

"well...let's see how this goes...."

*She jumps out as well.*
Just over where the phoenix crew bailed out LeKroger noticed that it was Jay, Steve, and James. An alarm goes off in the wraith notifying him that one of the anti-aircraft weapons has a lock on him. Not good he thinks to himself. He checks the clock generator once more. 1/3 power. Enough for him to use for evasion. He activates it long enough for them to lose the lock and have to take several minutes to require the lock. He deactivates it and fly towards another anti-air gun.

*Jay plummets to the ground, then tosses the anti-gravity granade at the ground, it cushions her fall, but it faded before she touched the ground, and she fell at least 6 feet, landing on her face*


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