This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Oh, thanks, *Jay takes one of the psi cherries* :D"
"Well, were off to the war torn planet of Echo Six. Watch out for the protoss, there constantly attacking our landing zone. We might be able to push them back with the help of the terrran base stationed there......"
"Wonderful, *Jay sighs*"

"Well, at least Joey should be able to make some good money, where there's war, there's mercenarys, where there's mercenarys, there's money to be made by the local bars, :D"
"Wonderful, *Jay sighs*"

"Well, at least Joey should be able to make some good money, where there's war, there's mercenarys, where there's mercenarys, there needs to be a bar for them to go to...:D"

Took the words out of my..... mind? (toss dont have mouths....... but apperently they order ultraburgers......[In lore, they kind of feed by a sort of photosynthesis......]{And of course they love psi cherries})
(lol, plant people?)

"Oh, sorry, i didn't mean to if i did"

*Jay looks absently at her hands*
But for the purpose of this thread, the protoss have mouths.

gtg, be around in about 8 hrs. =\
(Awesome, all alone again, -_-)

(Now i remember why i stopped doing this crap...)
Venom says: "Sweet! finally off to a planet with frikin protoss on it. Maybe i'll be able to contact some of my fellow archons..."
Still in the bar hearing that it is leaving for a new planet he goes to get his ship ready to go. As it engines warm up he goes back to the bar and gets a quick meal. "Ill have some muta-wings Joey". He goes and sits down. "Hey Jay how is it going."
"Oh, its good, exept that in the future i may have to go buy myself a hercules to haul Zara around...she made herself a cocoon this afternoon..."
"Lovely. I might be able to pull one of my merc contacts and get you one cheap and in good condition. Lets just say the guy owns me some favors."
"*jay laughs* Great, i'll own the mom mobile of the spaceship world...*Jay rolls her eyes*"
"Nah they make bigger than that trust me ive em." He laughs
"*Jay laughs again, then sighs* I really wanted that banshee, oh well, but maybe if i'm lucky, maybe she'll like morph into a feederling, at least those are small and easy to manage..."

*Jay's eyes widen, then she looks at the marine*

"Oh !@#$, what if she'll be an overlord??"
Thinks bout it for a minute. "I dont think that will happen though i could very well be wrong. As for a banshee i don't think i know anyone that may have one."
"Meh, Nick said he could maybe whip me up one, there was a starport i went to across the plain here, but the merchant there was an idiot. They were mixing up parts and taking ships apart and puting them back together again. Banshees are not ships to be messed with...."
"Yeah I hear that many ships aint suppose to messed with. I am thinking of upgrading my wraiths engine system so it doesn't run on vespane that crap is expensive. Might try thorium it is pretty cheap and easy to find"
*Jay nods, then suddenly jerks*
"Whats wrong?" Lekroger asks with sudden worry
*Jay looks at Lekroger*

"I think Zara's hatching" *When she moves her gaze back to the marine, her eyes are glazed over, but glaze begins to fade as she gets up*

"I'd better go check on her, you're welcome to come if you want"

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