This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

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"Might as well aint got much else to do my ship is warming up."
*Jay goes out the door and makes a beeline straight to Nick's raven*

"I had packed her up in there, thinking she wouldn't hatch for a while, but i guess i was wrong,"

*She goes inside then drags out a throbbing, gold-colored cocoon*

"Wow, this thing got bigger in the while i had it sitting in here"

*The cocoon begins spewing green crap*

"Again i sure hope your not an infestor..."
Q asks around does anyone know where to find a Science Vessel, a Goliath, a Out, an Arbiter, a Corsair, a Siege Tank, or a medic suit and how much it costs
*The cocoon begins to glow as the throbbing increases*

"Okay, we might wanna back up if she's an omegalisk,*jay says to Lekroger* Or she'll step alll over us.."
Gets hit with the green crap that is spewing from the cocoon. He didnt have his visor down. "Aw man that aint right i just cleaned my armor and got cleaned up." he says wiping some of it off of his face and armor.
"I got a medic suit in the wraith came with it when i nabbed it back on the other planet" he tells Q as he steps away from the cocoon.
Q walks into the room where LeKrogger and Jay is just to be hit by green crap. He then asks wth is going on in here.
Ok, do u know where I can find any of the other things?
"Jays zerg larva is about to hatch from the cocoon and were not sure what its gonna be. There is a depot not to far from here thought i saw a Goliath there"
*Finally, the cocoon burst open*

*A larger larva creeps out of the remaining biomass, but has strange golden markings down its back*


"*Jay just stands there, looking at the larvae* Wow, all this worrying and crap about what you'd be, and you're still just about the same Zara, *Jay laughs, scooping up the larva*"

*Zara looks up at Jay*

"Now, why would you worry about that?" Zara asks
Q asks did that larvae just talk? Q passes out over the shock. He then then gets back up with LeKrogers help.
*Jay looks wide-eyed at the larva*

"You can talk now Zara? Well, i suppose i telopathically talked to you, but now you actually have a voice!"

*Zara coughs then looks up at Jay*

"I can't do this all the time though, otherwise my voice gets weak and i can't talk for a while, plus, it wastes my energy" Zara answers
"It just did." He says slightly confused
*Jay begins to look at the markings on Zara's back*

"Well, these are new..."

*She traces them with her finger*

"Hm, these look like some of those symbols on the buildings at your colony Zara"
"Well i think my ship is about ready i better go finish prepping it. Yall can come if you want."
*Jay looks at the other two, looking at her odd*

"Hey, I guess its not everyday you see a Ghost holding a talking, marking-covered larvae in a bar parking lot huh?"
Yea. Q nods his head.
*Zara looks up at Jay*

"I can make us a ride!" She says, then jumps out of her arms and crawls a few feet away.

*Zara closes her eyes to slits, then weirdly morphs into a large Overlord*

*Zara in overlord form*
"Nope not really last ghost i saw was Gront and before that a fellow merc that was on my main ship before the zerg plastered it. He owed me a few 100 credits from gambling and some smuggling i did for him." Seeing zara morph was a strange site indeed Lekroger was quite dumbfounded by it.

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