This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

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*Jay looks even more baffled, now looking at the large gold tinged Overlord flying in the air*

"Um, if you're an overlord, there's no where i could sit in space, *Jay shivers* Unless you ate me...:\"
*Zara stops floating around then looks at Jay again*

"Oh right,..."

*Zara morphs into a broodlord*

"Hm, no, you couldn't ride this either..."

*Zara morphs into an overseer, scrouge, then a corruptor until she finally gives up, turning back into her larva form*

"yeah, i guess i can't give you a ride, :("
He starts back towards his ship and thinks about the possibility of powering his ship with khaydarin crystal but, decides that he doesnt have the credits or tech for supporting that kind of power source.
Arriving at his ship its ready for take off to go to the planet he is just waiting for the coordinates for it. He sets the computer to auto pilot and to take off once the coords are received and goes to rest.
-g2g got to be up in 4 some odd hrs.-
*Jay looks back at the other two*

"Hey, do you guys know when Joey's going to start thinking about moving out again?"
Idk that info Jay.
*Zara climbs up Jay's shoulder, then sits there looking unhappy*

"Sorry Jay, I thought I could morph into sumthing you could ride on instead of us hitching rides or stowawaying..."

*Jay looks at Zara*

"Its k, hopefully i can get my own ship soon, :D"

*Zara smiles too, the jumps off her shoulder and morphs into a gold-tinged, winged zergling*

"There, now i don't have to ride on your shoulder all the time, :D"

*Zara's stomach growls*

"Can i have some jellybeans?"
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"If yall need a ride my ship is ready to go and will leave when the system gets the coords for the planet. I can try a few of my contacts to see if i can get you a banshee Jay."
"Oh, i got a ride LeKroger, Nick said i could fly with him. Thanks anyways though."

"Come on Zara, let's go get thoes jellybeans, maybe i'll get a couple cans of soda too,"
*After getting some cans of soda and a crapload of jellybeans for the long trip ahead, Jay goes back through the parking lot, and goes back into Nick's raven. Jay looks at James's ship quick before loading up, wondering how he's been doing and if she should go check on him and see if he needs his bandages changeded still after their adventure to kill Nakita, her old teacher and James's childhood nightmare, but then decides to do it later and go take a nap in the raven's cargo bay*

(I guess i'll end the night with this then, see you guys in the morning. Its like 80-some degrees...and its nighttime!! I'll prolly never fall asleep, lol)
I'm a bit too lazy to read pages 26-(new) 4. Anyone mind telling me what's up?
All I know is that Zara cocooned.

I'll start a project here.

(You guys know who you are, my loyalists. TYO, Jay, etc)
Meet me in-game at Mage's Creed, 3:00 EST.
Something important.
Vultureling decides, to regroup the party. (NEVER split the party. (Reference?)) He goes to where they're headed, and waits. AS A GOLDEN OVERLORD.
Venom has been observing the larvae morph, and is intrigued by the fact that Zara can become any zerg creature now. He is still relieved though, that is much better than what she could have become... the last thing we all need is a Zara Kerrigan prowling around.
Joey is hauling a$$.

"WE're movin'. I HATE this place."
*Jay gets up from her nap and realizes the raven is readying itself to follow the bar*

"Well, if you want Zara, you can morph into something and fly with us, :D"

*Zara looks up at Jay happily*

"Oh yeah, :D"

*Zara jumps off the ship then morphs into a large golden-marking covered Corruptor*

"There, i'm ready when you are Jay"
As you guys land, you see Vultureling has a house already made.
"I've been waiting on you guys..what took so long?"
"Pull your mask down, your body wont be able to withstand the heat and cold of space. Theres no room inside the raven, its just hardware."
*Nick grabs the controls and hops on the side of the raven, and dangles his feet off the side of the vehicle.*
On the planets surface........

A High Templar watches as a Terran Raven and a Corruptor begin to descend upon the planet.

"Terran and Zerg? BLOW THEM OUT OF THE SKY!"

A giant Dragoon-like walker charges a cannon mounted on the top of its base, and a few seconds later, a giant beam of energy arcs and hits the raven, sending it spiraling towards the ground.

Meanwhile on Nick's Raven.....

Q and LeKroger land LeKroger's Wraith on Echo 6.
TYO wakes up.
"Huh? Whats all the noise?"
Hurrying outside the bar he sees a High templar controlling a Dargoon-like thing.
"What the heck is that?!" He sees a Raven fall down, and hears a familiar voice.
"HOLD ON GUYS I'M COMING" TYO stretches his Muta-wings and flies towards the Raven.
(P.S. sorry I have not been keeping up with the forum guys, will try now that im busy-free!)
As his ship lands it decloaks and he quickly moves out of the ship and into cover making sure the landing zone is clear. Then starts towards the downed raven.
Nick is launched off the raven, and into a group of three zealots.
The three zealots encircle him, preventing him from helping the unconscious jay.
He lunges at one of them, and slices his arm off. The zealot falls to the ground in pain, and is decapitated in the next slice. He runs out of the circle over the now-dead zealot, and pulls out his rifle. He takes out a stalker moving towards the crashed raven, and then puts two bullets in one zelots chest, and one through the skull of another. He then rushes back to the raven, and grabs the radio.

"This is Nick, Please send help, the Protoss are encircling our crash site, and we will not be able to hold out much longer, I could warp out, but my friend here would certainly die."


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