This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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As you guys land, you see Vultureling has a house already made.
"I've been waiting on you guys..what took so long?"

Cool, in or outside of the military compound?
*Jay jumped off at the last minute, skidding across the ground, her suit now morphing from its space visor to its normal form*

"I got it covered Nick, warp out NOW!"

*Zara flies down and scoops up Jay to fly out of the attack*
Sees Zara taking off with Jay and Nick warp out he stops his advance towards the downed ship and starts back to his own.
(There is no military compound of Aiur Chef.)
On his way back to the bar he is ambushed by a small group of zealots. Surrounded he has not option but to fight. One of them recklessly charges him and is quickly brought down with a small burst fire to the chest. The 3 remaining charge from different sides and slash wildly at the lone marine with their psiblades. He shoots one in the head with one shot and wounds another with several round to its leg. The third zealot kicks LeKroger from behind knocking him down and then kicks his gauss rifle away from him. Rolling over LeKroger gets up and draws his combat knife. He know he doesnt stand much of a chance in hand to hand combat with a zealot. The zealot rushes and stabs at him. LeKroger dodges and slashes one of the zealots arms disabling one of its psiblades. At that same moment the zealot brings its other blade down on LeKroger's right shoulder severing it. LeKroger holds back the urge to scream in pain and kicks the zealot away from him. He sees his riffle and quickly picks it up and dispatches the zealot. He Stops for moment, where his shoulder was isnt bleeding he guesses the heat from the blade cauterized it. He grabs his missing arm and starts back to the bar.
Getting back to the bar. He starts to go back to his ship and collapses. He just noticed that there was a gash in his leg and it was bleeding out. He craws back to his ship and trys to reach his medkit. Just before he is able to reach it he passes out from the blood loss and is still bleeding slowly.
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"I got it covered Nick, warp out NOW!"

Jay, didn't Zara say that she couldn't transport you? Anyways......
Nick checks on the power source of the Downed Raven. Dead
Then the Consle Dead
Then the Zealots Combat armor Broken


*On the radio*
"Divert the power from all unneeded systems to the core main generater, and I might be able to warp in nearby. Nothing on the Raven is powered, so I have to sneak into the Protoss base. Wish me luck..."
Nick Turns his cloaking on, and heads towards the Protoss encampment, trying to find a unguarded way in. No such luck. The weakest area is guarded by three zealots, a slatker, and a immortal as well as some photons cannons.

Venom decloaks right infront of the high templar who issued the command to kill everyone. "Hi. My names Venom. We should talk."

"An... archon?" The high templar seems taken aback. "What are you doing here?"

"I am enjoying myself. But it is hard to enjoy yourself when your friends get blasted out of the skies by strange protoss. I suggest you halt your hostile actions."

The high templar seems to think for a second, then shakes his head. "No. I don't care who or what you are, no terrans or zergs will desecrate this place. I suggest you step aside, archon, and leave this place. I do not wish to harm one such as you."

Venom mimics the high templar. He seems to think for a second, then shakes his head. "Sorry, that wasn't an acceptable answer." Venom reaches out, grabs the high templar, and begins floating away. The high templar struggles, but he cannot break Venoms grasp. "You're coming with me!" the zealots all around begin to jump in the air, trying to catch Venom and get back their leader, but they Venom is already to far away. The giant immortal thing fires a beam of energy, which Venom dodges. Venom is high up now, and heading back to the bar with the high templar still secure in his hands.
Q picks up LeKroger and brings him back to the Wraith. Q then stitches up the gash.

O yea and y does no one answer me about how much stuff costs?
-Nick and vultureling determine the prices Q and i got to go for a few hrs-
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O yea and y does no one answer me about how much stuff costs?

You're RICH.

(Make a new character if ya wanna be poor :D)
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Venom decloaks right infront of the high templar who issued the command to kill everyone. "Hi. My names Venom. We should talk."

... They do have observers scouting most of the base, and the entire thing is encircled with clusters of three photons.....
And what about stalkers? or carriers? or phenoxies? And typicly archons cant fly.... and if you could fly or hover, you probably wouldn't have the maneuverability to doge a beam traveling at the speed of light.... And that high templar is kind of the boss that we were going to get to at the end of this thread or at the begining of the next one....
(I didn't realize you couldn't go inside the raven, so i just went with it cause i had to go, :\ *Plus, Zara would get too tired carrying the extra weight of someoneelse up in space, :P er, that doesen't make*)

*Zara gets tired flying Jay around for so long, but luckily she drops Jay only a couple meters away from the bar*

*Zara crash-lands right next to her, she now has a couple gashes in herface*

"Oh Zara, i'm sorry, "

*Zara morphs back into her larva form*

"Its...fine...*Zara wipes off the rocks from her face, but it is bleeding*

"Comeon" *jay* "Let's go to the bar, i can fix you up there."

*Zara nods and climbs onto Jay's shoulder*
LeKroger starts to regain consciousness. He fells really light headed and is in a part of his ship he wasn't before he blacked out. He trys to get up but doesn't have the strength to. "What happened." he mutters to himself last he remembered was falling onto the ground and having to craw to the ship. Then he suddenly remembers part of what else happened. He remembers the zealot ambush. He was a fool for going out there alone he knew better. Looking to his left he sees and I.V. with blood running down the tube into his arm. He decides to rest longer and maybe the rest will come back to him.
LeKroger awakes again after several hours. He feels much better. He trys to get up from the bed but cant lift his right side. Looking to his right he sees that he is missing his arm. He finishes sitting up and the memories of the fight return. He sighs and starts to feel more like a fool for rushing out there. Doing that went against all his training.
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O yea and y does no one answer me about how much stuff costs?

You're RICH.

(Make a new character if ya wanna be poor :D)

I only have like 700 or 750 credits. I think 750.
LeKroger takes the I.V. out and leaves the ship. He goes to the bar to get something to eat as there was nothing on the ship. He gets an ultra burger and water and goes and sits down to eat.
Wow everyone aint here whats up with that
Nick Grabs his rifle, and takes aim at the zeaolt furthest from the group. He fires a single shot, and the zealot drops to the ground, dead. He Chucks his Psi granade into the center of the
group, electrifying all of them. Now all that was left were the photons. He rushes toward the pylons, determined to shut off the photons. He doges and weaves through the waves of energy, growing closer to the pylon. He takes it out in one smooth blow, slicing the pylon into two half's.

He cloaks, and uses his thermal vision in his suit to see if any observers aare watching him. Two were. He quickly put them out of the sky, but already many more observers and troops were heading towards him. The next pylon he sees, he makes a dash for. Three zealots try to cut him off, but he slides across the ground, underneath their feet. He grabs the crystal, and begins the warp sequence...... 5... 4... 3... Zealot slice.... 2.... Zealot stab.....1..... WARP

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