This Is A Zergling and Zealot Thread #7(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Q wakes up and walks into the bar.
*Jay senses something is amiss....*

"Zara, stay here, i wanna check something..."

*Zara nods, then starts up a conversation with a random person*

*Jay walks out of the bar, then sits around the corner. Her eyes glow blue*

"Hm...I hope i'm not right...*Frowns*"

*Finds James's crashed ship*

*jay Gasps*

"Oh no....*Her eyes return to normal*"

*Runs in the direction of James's crashed ship*
(Anyone here? lol)

*Jay stops behind a tree a few meters away from the field James crashed in, noticing those squads of protoss*

"Hm...*can't sense any observers"

*Jay cloaks herself, and weaves through the protoss carefully to the wreckage*

*Jay finds a small hole in the side, and crawls in*

"James...?" *She is trying to telopathically talk to him* "James...are you here? Are you okay? Please make a noise!"

*Back at the bar, Zara is trying to start up a conversation, but no one seems to wantto talk to the young larva, even though she can now talk, :(*

*Zara sighs*
Q has a weird feeling that he isn't going to make it off this planet.

Y has no one answer me bout the stuff I want to buy yet.
(Idk, most of us don't know, that is, exept Vultureling, he's the one that origionally came up with the credit system)
Alright, *sighs* I have to go for two weeks without internet. (=[) For those two weeks, Sittinducks, Mockingjay, and Vulturling will have full control over my character. (Try not to get him killed.) He is currently in the courtyard of the Terran base.
As Jay enters the crashed ship, you see one dead zealot, with James's favored knife stuck in its forehead. There is a little human blood on the floor, so James may be wounded. Also next to the body is James's flak pistol. Its current clip is empty and the barrel is still hot, so it has been used recently.

You hear a noise coming from the closet.

"Psssssst!" Says the noise. "Over here!"
Steve got up and decided to explore the area.
He aimlessly wandered around a bit, until he sighted smoke. He cloaked, made his way over and sighted the wreckage. He approached cautiously. He sighted Jay on the other side of the wreckage.

"Is this a... Valkryie? I thought that the Terran factions replaced those with vikings."
*Jay approches the closet cautiously, then opens it*

Gets back into his suit and takes his gauss pistol. He starts out toward a large column of smoke. as he gets over a hill he looks into a valley and sees James crashed valkyrie surrounded by protoss. Aint no way im getting anywhere near there he thinks to himself. He takes out his binoculars and searches the area,
Steve felt a psionic presence in the air. It was still far off, but rapidly closing in.

He looked around anxiously. He looked south, and spied a small silhouette.

Fear shot through his mind.

He grabbed Jay and James and said, "We need to get out. Now. There's a pair of colossi approaching."

Just as the first pair of thermal lances blasted apart the wreckage.
"Woah that cant be good." he mutters to himself as he watches the colossi cut through the wreckage with their thermal lances.
*Jay is about to open the closet*

*Just then, something digs a hole through the ground, and a gold-tinged roachs crawls out*

"Hey there, tunnel express, here to save your asses! Let's Go guys! *Its Zara, :D*
Knowing he cant do anything especially with one arm he slow draws himself back down the hill and towards the bar. He might be able to do something from there.
Are you guys even on Chef?
Steve quickly focused on the colossi.

"Those are Akilae Tribe colossi. They must be sent by Artanis to burn this rogue Protoss group. We'll die if we get caught in the crossfire."

Steve quickly blinked into Zara's tunnel and sprinted through.
*Zara goes back into the hole, then jesters for them to follow her*
Im not sure where we are vultureling though i think its Echo 6. I take it we are supposed to be on Chef?
Ah, Bar is there, then we are a planet away from there, but we were shot out of teh sky then, :D

Idk, this is confusing, lol

Maybe start a new thread? And forget about this one?

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