This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #6(RP)

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It's here!
TOmorrowmorning, Is et u up on Terra,. Get there, first.
Yo nick/ vulterling, can we post here now? 5 is full.
Should I try to get more people to join or r we good?
"Hey Q they are going for terra we better get going." Starts his wraith and has Q hop into the co-pilot seat."Get ready for the jump."
Gront and venom both hop in the cargo hatch of LeKronger's wraith and prepare for warp.
Starts the preparation for warp jump. On the com "Whats the coords for Terra so i dont over shoot and end up in a star or something of the sorts. Just feed em to my wraiths console."
"Alright yall hang on tight we just bout ready. Q you know the area to jump to to get to Terra with out getting completed screwed by space debris, asteroids, and so on so forth."
06/22/2011 08:01 PMPosted by Quawesome
Should I try to get more people to join or r we good?

If you wish, it would be nice. After all, this thread was loosing populatity =\
Lets hope it doesnt ill try my best to stay daily on my posts
Lekroger decides to flip the controls over to Q for awhile.
(catch yall later in the day)
... this is what i get for not checking the posts as often as i should...

Jem has been hovering in the backround this whole time. everyone leaves for terra without a second thought. "the poor fools, they have no idea what is about to happen. i guess i have to go with them now, but maybe i can give those darned earthlings something to play with. Jem checks up on the procedures and places the station just of the sol systems and outside the sensors of the terra fleet.
"wait a second, did we leave someone there? Because I'm sensing a psionic being in the bar... With very dark thoughts."
Venom tells his black market associate to leave for now, but he can call him anytime he needs something. Venom then begins the journey to Terra!!! "This should be interesting..." He muses to himself.
However on the way our hero is ambushed by a cluster of mutalisks...
Vulturelisk telepathically sends the location of Terra to everyone.

The Valkyrie lifts off and darts off into the sky with incredible speed.

Up in orbit, James goes up to co-pilot seat and straps himself in while having his last look of the hellish world.

"Take us out, then prepare for short-range warp jump." Commanded James. Vulturelisk nodded in agreement. It was a good thing Terra was close, the aging Valkyrie could not handle regular warp jumps.

The loud humming of the engines filled the ship, until the whole thing leaped into slip space. They exited not to far away from Terra, the lush, green and blue planet was in sight. And on the right side, not to far away, is its sister planet, Shire. In orbit is Terra's 2 moons, Hades the volcanic mining moon, occupied by the Kel-Morian Combine, and Winterspring, the frozen tundra moon. James and Vulturelisk entered orbit and began their descent to the planet's surface. It was quite a rough descent.

Once they got past the clouds, they where greeted by gorgeous landscape of Terra.

The coordinates lead James (and everyone else) to the area known as the Angel Planes, in the center of these planes is a mesa, shaped almost perfectly in a square. The mesa is around 2 by 2 miles long, however, the planes are about 15 to 25 miles long. Wrapped around the planes, is the rainforest. The mesa has 4 towns around the base of it, used to anyway. On top, is a small town, the town that James grew up in. On each of the 4 sides of this mesa is a giant elevator, and 4 landing pads. All 5 towns are in ruins, however, the north and south towns at the base of the mesa are thriving with Confederate survivors.

James's lands on 2 landing pads on top of the mesa, sense a Valkyrie is much larger then a dropship, it takes up 2 pads.
Venom steps out onto the lush landscape of Terra, the huge mesa looming all around him. "Well this is certainly an improvement over the last planet." says Venom, looking around and breathing in the fresh air.

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