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*Soon, they Stop near a large blue-colored planet, covered with many lush forests*

"Ah, there it is, Echo X."

*Jay leans forward in her seat*

"looks like we're lucky, they don't have the battlecruisers out today, only the ravens"

*out the window, V's of ravens glide among the stars*
*Jay freezes, then suddenly...*

"Oh SHI---"

*She quickly unbuckles and opens a nearby drawer in the ship*

"Oh, i'm sorry..."

*Jay pulls out a scared and shaken up Zara*

"God, i'm so sorry Zara, i forgot you were in there."

*Zara is holding a bag of jellybeans in her claws that James had in the drawer*

*Jay sighs*

"And Zara, you know better than to eat crap that's not yours, Sorry James."
"Eh, its ok, Vulturelisk gonna be !@#$ed though, those where his Jelly beans."

James pet zergling, Vulturelisk, climbs to the pilot's cabin, he doesn't seem to happy with Zara...
*Zara cowers in Jay's arms*

"Hm, that's strange, normally zerg like Zara...oh right..."

*Jay walks to the back of the ship where she set her duffle before whe came in*

*she pulls out another bag of jellybeans, WITH TROPICAL FLAVERING X3*

"Here you go little guy, *she tears open the bag of beans and put it infront of Vulturelisk*
Vulturelisk looks at Jay.

"He ate my Pylon Jelly Beanz! I have reason to not like him!" says Vulturelisk.

He then devours the Jelly Beanz.
*Jay looks at teh Vulturelisk*

"You talk? Interesting, and Zara is not a *he* she's a *she*."
Nick watches as the valkire pulled off ito the distance, and decided to follow it via raven, and grabbed the controller from his old "Grave". when he saw the other ravens, he decided to toy aroud with them. He launched a camera to attach itself to the valkire as it it in deep space. A cable spike followed by a cable treeked thrugh the air, and connected to one of the other enemy ravens.
All the operater of the raven controls now, is the camera. Nick lauchess another hacking spike into the next raven, then each raven nick hacked into lauches a auto turret onto the back of the raven infront of it. the auto turrets procede to destroy the other hacked avens, as the two in the back launch seeker missiles. Bits and pieces of metal and expensive equipment flys through the air, some falling to the planet as meteorites.
*Jay stands up and brushes her hands on her pants*

"Jeez, does everyone have a pet zerg now? *she laughs and turns to James and then looks out the window again* "We'd still better be careful, if those ravens see us, we will be screwed. Those guys down there are not particularly happy after i took Zara away from there, and you James are not even supposed to know this base exists. They would jail me for life, and you, i have no idea how long.

*Jay looks at the carnage now commencing by Nick out the window*

"Oh my god...."
Vulturelisk looks back at Jay.

"Yes, i can talk, me and Vultureling are quite similar." He then continues to eat his Jelly Beanz.

James has been watching the Ravens and comes to a decision.

"Those ravens are acting strange, hold on tight, is going to get bumpy."

The message flashes on the cockpit's screen: Targeting computers online, H.A.L.O rockets ready.
*Jay straps herself in and sets Zara on her lap, who decides she'd rather sit on Jay's head*

"Is there anything i can do?"
*Thrugh the mike attached to the camera on the valkire*
"I set the camera on the ravens to display a loop of the past hour. you should be able to remain unnoticed for the next 2 or 3 hours. Good luck."
"Do you know if there will be any resistance on the ground?" He say as they fly closer and closer to the surface of Echo X.
"Um, they may have finally updated the securitysystem after my escape with Zara, they were talking Sentry Guns, missile turrets, permanet auto turrets...but if we land outside it, we should be fine. I know a great way in in which we won't be discovered."


"All units will be training, this isn't a real military base, its more like a training facility, but they mask it so it seems dangerous to approach"
James smiles at Jay.

"Huh, I was hoping to blow something up, but ok." He chuckles.

The ship passes through the atmosphere, the base is visible.

"Any Rules of Engagement we need to go over before we start?"
*Jay pauses to think*

"There are actually sometimes children here, training to be ghosts cause their parents think they're freaks and don't want them, like what my parents did to me, *jay frowns*. Most of them are harmless, so do not engage them."

"As for the rest, i think we should be fine,"

*Jay takes a disk-looking thing out of her pocket and gives it to James*

"This is a simplified cloak emiter, it is similar to the one in my suit, it should allow you to go in unseen, as what i can"
"after we get the job done, all hell will break loose from A. the security system and B. the Teachers like Nakita, who have actually been out on the field, We will need to get out fast if we get out at all,"

*Jay smirks*

"You may get to actually blow something up anyways James
The Ship lands.

"Follow me." say James. He climbs out of the Pilot cabin and into the cargo bay. He walks up to a wall, presses a secret button. Weapon racks with every gun you could ever dream of are right here.

"See anything you like?"

James takes a a neosteel vest, his combat knife, flak pistol, psi-blade, and a AGR- 14 gauss rifle along with a few Shredder Grenades.
*Jay scans the Weaponrack, finding herself a lightblue psi-blade knife, and a beautifally crafted sniperrifle*

"I don't need too much, *smiles*"
James smiles back.

He opens the cargo bay door.

"I'll follow your lead."

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