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"This way,"

*Jay leads them to a small opening in the ground,*

"This may stink, its the sewer system*

*Jay's collar morphs to cover up her face to up to her nose*

"Ladies first, *Jay jumps down the hole*"
James jumps down with Jay.

He turns on his flashlight attached to his rifle.
*Jay turns around to James*

"Be careful, sometimes there's automatrons down here to unclog pipes,"

*Jay leans James farther down the way, until thre's a little light from a grate above them*

"here, this leads to the bathroom, they don't have security cameras ih here thank god, *Jay cloaks herself* I suggest you cloak as well, *Jay pushes open the grate* Help me up please,"
James activates his cloak, and lifts Jay up with little effort. He then signals Jay to pull him up.
*Jay pulls up James, trying to make as little noise as possible*

*jay speaks into James's mind*

"I'm not going to talk directly to you much until we leave, its much safer for me to speak telopathically to you instead."

*Jay then looks aroundthe room, then at the door, there's a maintenance sign*

"Awesome, there must be something broken, no one's in here."
"After you." James say in his mind, knowing Jay can hear him.
Finishes his cleaning and starts to look for something else to do.
*Jay slowly out the door, and sees that the hallway is completely empty*

"We should be good to go, they train at the same times everyday like when i was here, at least i can predict when the facility will get crowded."

*Jay leads them down the hall, until they come to large double doors with a hand sensor beside it*

"Crap, *Jay thinks for a moment* I wonder...*Jay lays her hand on the sensor*.

"Access Granted"

*jay smiles*

"They always forget to update, and i bet Qwerty is still on my side...*Jay grabs James and pulls him through the door before it locks again*
James scans the room for any hostiles.
"Oh, btw Qwerty is the name of the security system. I actually got to help make it, but i doubt they remembered, so Qwerty probably remembers me, :D"

*Jay looks down the hall*

"We're in the Ghost Training wing, we just need to find....*Jay freezes*"
James taps her on the shoulder to un-freeze her.

"What's up Jay?" James says.
*Jay looks at James*

"She knows i'm here, she's trying to get in my head again"

*Jay sighs*

"I am so stupid, i should have remembered, She was able get inside my head and figure out what i'd been up to, i never got away with anyting...*Jay flinches* "She's trying to figure out why i'm here"
"Tell her James Hudson is here for her blood. And that there will be no escape."
*Jay sinks to the floor, her hands covering her ears*

"She...I won't let her in..."

*Jay gasps*

"Ack, she's trying hard, its giving me a headache...."

"James, if she knows, there will be no escape, she is linked with everything and everyone here, It is best that we use the element...*she gasps again*...the element of surprise...she dosent suspect anything much now.....but...*jay tries to smile, but it fades with the pain*...i know exatly where she is now....she's down the hallway in a briefing room with a girl named Luna, its her new student....*jay's pain increases*...."
"Stay here, when i am back, i promise the !@#$% will be dead."

James quietly rushes down the hallway.
*Jay's head feels like its going to explode*

"Be careful...*she gasps*...and do it quick, PLEASE!!"
James peeks through the window to see what is in the room...
*The room is large, but the tables and chairs that would normally be there have been morphed back into the floor, a young girl, maybe 6, and Nakita, are sitting cross-legged in front of each other, holding each other's hands*

*Nakita is talking*

"I killed them with cunning speed, of course they were the kid's grandparents, so it wasn't that hard...*


*Luna, the girl in front, had a horrible look of disgust and sadness on her face at the gruesome images nakita was showing her*
James rage takes over, and knocks the door right off its hinges.

He looks at the little girl.

"Luna, get out, now."

He then looks at Nakita.

"I remembered your name. I remembered the day you destroyed me. Do i fear you?"


(You talk nakita, i got Luna covered)

*Luna pauses to look one last time before running down the hallway, stumbling over Jay as she rounds the corner*

*Luna Looks at Jay with round eyes, somehow seeing her and the pained look on her face from Nakita trying to disect her brain*

*Luna looks at Jay with Innocent eyes*

"Are you okay?"

"Fine, but your so-called teacher is EATING MY BRAIN!!" *Jay screams into the little girls head*

*Luna gasps and runs down the hall*

(Er idk, do you want me to be nakita?)

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