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(errr... take turns? XD idc)
*Nakita smiles*

"hmph, speak of the devil"

*Nakita's eyes glow that red color again* "Remeber this?"
(crap, take over nakita, i gtg do something quick)
Nakita pulls out a pistol and fires at James, but misses. James returns fire with his gauss rifle. Nakita ducks weaves through his fire, grabs his rifle, and disarms him. James Head butts her, and then disarms her of the pistol.

Both of them pull out their combat knives.
Nakita smriks*

"Hmph, while you're fighting me, your little friend's mind is being completely fried *Nakita laughs*

*You hear Jay finally scream in pain down the hall*

"Hm such a shame, wasting such a good student and Ghost"
"I will not let this happen."

James charges at Nakita with his knife. Nakita parries with her knife, but James counters with a slash to the face, cutting her right cheek.
*Jay tries to talk to James*

"Don't listen...*Jay gasps*...I'll be fine...."

*Jay screams again*

"She is trying to blind you, dont*Gasp* let her...."
*Nakita stops, and wipes the blood from her cheek*

"Its been a while since i drew blood...*locks the blood from her finger*....i can do this all day..."

*Nakita's eyes glow a little brighter, and Jay passes out mid-scream*

"Hmph, soon your friend will be lost*

*Jay gets one more sentance out to James before she passes out*

"Dont give up..."
(Isn't it amazing that noone suspects anything from jay's screams? lol)
James attacks again with a thrust, Nakita dodges. James then does a vertical slash immediately after, cutting her arm. Nakita attacks with a slash to the chest, just barley grazing James's chest.
07/18/2011 12:33 PMPosted by Mockingjay
(Isn't it amazing that noone suspects anything from jay's screams? lol)

Lol I know right? lol
*Jay has weird visions in her unconsious state of what nakita and James are doing*

*In her own mind*

"Damn, i thought Nakita was good, but James is better than her..."
James tries to go for the gut, but misses... a fatal mistake.

Nakita kicks him in the face and then stabs him in the gut. James falls to the floor, bleeding like crazy. Nakita turns around to grab her gun.

She has underestimated James though.....
James grabs his knife, and makes a lunge for Nakita's heels, it works, he slices Nakita's heels and she falls to the ground.
*Nakita gasps*


*Then her eyes glow just a little brighter*

*Nakita smirks*

"As i die, your friend comes with me...."

*Nakita channels Jay's thoughts and her gasps into james's mind to try and disorient him*
James picks himself up and walks toward the downed Nakita he slashes at her with his knife, Nakita blocks with hers, but it does not work, James strike cuts the neosteel knife in half.

James activates his Psi- Blade.

"Your... your not human!" Nakita says.

"Your right, I'm not. I'm much more."

James thrusts his blade into Nakita's chest, delivering the fatal blow.
*Jay's thoughts and gasps fade from James's mind as nakita takes her last breath*
James is 100% sure what Nakita said about Jay is false. A mere plea to let her live.

But it is done. Nakita's terror is finished. James's family has been avenged. And that awful memory is gone, at last.

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