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James rushes back down the hallway to see if Jay is ok...
*Jay begins to come out of her unconsioius state*

*She seems tired, yet alert of her surroundings*

*Into james's mind*

"James? Where are you?"
James grabs Jay's hand and pulls her up.

"I'm here." He says out loud.
*jay shakes her head, still having a little bit of a headache from keeping nakita out of her head*

"Shh, *she says outloud* they have all sorts of sensor crap here, we got to get out, the sirens will go off soo-"

*Alarms sound down the hallways*

"Oh crap, we gtg...*she stumbles*"
James carries Jay back to the bathroom and into the sewer. Once the where down the ladder, he sets her down.

"Are you ok? can you walk? Hopefully run?"
"Yeah, i think, we got to move!"

*She leads James down the sewer, and up the ladder to Jame's parked Valkirye*

*She almost trips getting into the ship* "Come on James!"
James gets into the Valkyrie and shuts the cargo bay door. He rushes up to the pilots cabin and start up the engines.

"JAY! The is a swivel auto-turret at the back of the ship! I need you to keep them guys off of us while the ship revs up!"
*Jay shakes her head again, and nods*

"Yessir, come on Zara!"

*She grabs Zara, then heads to the turret*

"EAT !*%!ING LEAD!!!"

*Jay shoots down 4 ghosts before they even get near the ship with charges*

The Ship is nearly ready. Vulturelisk seats himself in the co-pilot seat.

*Jay shoots down 3 more Ghosts and a marine teacher*

The ship begins to lift up into the air, higher and higher.

"Let's give them a goodbye present before we leave."

The Valkyrie's rocket pods open up and unleash a barrage of Backlash rockets onto the base, inflicting huge amounts of damage.

"Hold on tight!"

The Valkyrie launches up into the sky.
*Jay watches from her seat with Zara clinging to her head as the Training Facility fades from her sight*

*Jay Sighs*

"I never wanted to go back there, but at least I did some good coming with you James"

*Jay jumps from the turret's seat and goes into the pilot room, finally realizing how beat up James is*

"Oh #%!@, are YOU okay?"
Blood drips from his gut and onto the floor.

"I... I dont think so." He falls out of the pilot seat. Vulturelisk takes over.
*Jay looks at this with a look of horror on her face*

"God, its like Vultureling at Joey Ray's all over again...*her voice trails off*"

*She drags James to a bed in the back of the ship, and sets him there and goes back for her duffle*

"You'll be okay James, i promise."
James is able to stay awake.

"I'll be fine, don't worry."
*Jay digs in her bag, pulling out some antibiodic cream and some large bandages*

*Jay sighs* "I should have helped you, then you wouldn't be so beat up..."

*Jay inspects james's gut cut, then cleans it up and tries to bandage it up*

"Okay, this should be good..."

*She then applys the antibiotic on his smaller cuts*
Vulturelisk calls down from the pilot's cabin.

"Uh, I am going to need help flying this thing!"
*Soon, she finishes fixing up James*

"feel any better?"
"Yeah, thanks. Go fly the ship, I'll be fine."
"Okay, please rest, we'll be back at Joey's soon"

*Jay goes to help Vulturelisk, and soon they are flying over terra*

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