This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #6(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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*Jay flies over the the bar, then parks the ship in an open parking spot*

"We're here James," *Jay Yawns* "I'm so tired..."
James gets up and meets up with Jay at the cargo bay door.
"How do you feel? Okay enough to walk yourself?"

*Jay jumps down onto the ground*
James jumps down with Jay and walks toward the bar.

"Yeah, I'm fine."
*Jay catches Zara as she too jumps out of the ship*

"Okay, i guess i'll go sleep in Joey's back room,"

*Jay walks with James into the bar*

*Jay walks behind the bar counter*

"See you James" *Jay smiles before she dissapears into the backroom*
"See ya."

James sits on a bar stool and orders some muta wings and a cola, as well as some more Baneling Bubblegum.
(Okay, i gtg see you later)
*Nick appears from behind the bar, and gasps and james state.*


Great job guys, nice work on this thread.
Aw, is everyone gone? =[
James looks at Nick.

"Long story, I'll tell you later, and I'm fine."
*sees Jay and James*
(I missed it...darn)
James. What. Happened.
Jay.. Where have you been?
*sees Jay and James*
(I missed it...darn)
James. What. Happened.
Jay.. Where have you been?

Yeah, Thats what I was thinkin. I was hoping to join in the middle, as normally they wont have that much time, and I Had to get going. =[
Glad you guys had fun though, as that's what keeps people in the forums!

Now if only I had something to do.....
Q walks out of the ship and into the bar. He asks Joey for a cup of coffee.
Q asks LeKroger if he can still travel with him.
Q also asks if anyone knew how much a cloaking device or a portable shield generator thing is.
"Yeah Q you still can." He tells Q. He is now back at the bar chilling drinking some water for the time being.
James leaves the bar and goes back to his Valkyrie. Inside, he places a "souvenir" on a book shelf, Nakita's Dog tags.

James has felt... different... ever sense his encounter with one of his enemies. He felt, stronger.

But Nakita was just the start. There was more to be done, devils that have their due.

James grabs a list of people, he crosses out Nakita's name. The remaining names on the list are:

General Victory

Gordon Kit



The name "Jake" is circled several times.
LeKroger leaves the bar and goes to see how James is doing. He gets to the cargo hold of his Valkyrie and calls for James. "Hey man just checking up on you, everything ok?"

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