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Joeyray's Bar
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Jem is not really happy right now. he is familer with the terran psionic rating scale, and is aware that kerrigan is a class-12, and that ended with her being infested. he already hates him because he is a ghost, and wonders whether he should feedback him now and save the betrayal part to never happen. after all, the only thing in this room more powerful then him is him and Venom.(and any character that happens to be a class-12 psionic or higher)

The 5 Probes

Curiosity Probe- Is a probe... That's curious. (Colored Orange)
Morality Probe- A probe with morality. (Colored Purple)
Cooking Probe- A probe... That cooks. (Colored Blue)
Beast Probe- The fighter of the group. (Colored Red)
Core Probe- Is the leader of the group of probes. (colored Yellow)

The 5 Probes are activated in their home nexus. They are told they need to warp to a remote fireworld to do work. Once they arrive at the place the core probe gives the others orders.

"Alright Red go find some food."
"*various pre-recorded bengalass growls*"
"Blue go with red and when you bring the food back here cook it"
"With 1/2 zergling milk or 1/4 roach milk?"
"... You can decide"
"2/1000 hydra fecal matter it is!"
"Ok ummm... Purple... uhhh... make sure what were doing is morally correct.."
"We shouldn't kill animals..."
"Too bad im hungry. Orange you can... Oh god where is he now..."
The Curiosity Probe was picking up several different sized rocks.
"Eww whats that? What is that?" A critter walked by. " Where are you going? Can i come? Will you wait for me?"
"... Ok he's not important. GET TO WORK!"

Q walks into the bar and asks Joey for a plate of muta wings.
"So Kel-Morians have mining operations here on one of the moons. Means there money to be made." LeKroger thinks to himself
Hey Venom does your guy sell Vikings?
As Gront nears the wraith, he senses that this jem character he sensed earlier is slowly fostering a hatred torwads him. When he gets back, he tells Jem "Don't worry, I'm actually 11, so I'm not as powerful as Kerrigan. Also, as long as you don't send me on a strike mission to keep the protoss from destroying the zerg so they can overrun a planet and leave me there to die, I won't get infested and betray you."
"Besides, the infested insurence is HORRIBLE! I looked into it when I broke the Confederacy's mind control and went rouge. Also, there are 5 probes on the volcanic mining moon above."
When Q reenters the wraith, he sees a ghost. He said to him havent I seen you around somewhere before.
Looks over to Gront and asks him "I was meaning to ask you back at the bar why you weren't under dominion, or any other main ruling groups control since you are such a high level psionic."
"Ohh, thats cause the Confederates took me, then I went rouge. In fact, I actually met Kerrigan in the ghost academy once. Since then, I've been stealing from the Dominion to keep my equipment up to date. One of the reasons I went rouge was because ghost life insurence is horrible. So I seceretly looked at insurence plans and found this merc group that had really good insurence for high ranking ghosts so I joined."
Everyone is on top of the mesa right? Including the bar?
The curiosity probe chases the critter through town.
"Where are we now? Why are you running from me? Can you stop? Why are people staring at me? Who are you people? Why did you jump off a cliff? Will i ever see you again?"
Ok since venom isn't responding anyone else know how much is a Viking?
Jem leaves the bar, and is almost immediately calmed by the surrounding place. "i wont let a ghost take them away from me again."
The Curiosity Probe approched Jem. "Who are you? What are you? What are you wearing? Where are we? Do you like this place?"
Ok nvm mind about the Viking wat about a Medivac?
And is there anyway to get credits without doing anything special?

Plz some1 reply (preferably some1 whose been with this thread for a long time.)
And is there anyway to get credits without doing anything special?

Plz some1 reply (preferably some1 whose been with this thread for a long time.)

You get 50 credits for each day that you post on. Thats why I still have like 2k credits lol.
Since I have 200 credits can I have a personal cloaking device venom?

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