This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #6(RP)

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Q exits the wraith and goes look around the town.
Q continues to walk until he sees a rainforest. Q decided what the heck and he started walking into it.
When I first joined a couple days ago, we filled up 4 pages in pretty much a day. Is it just me, or is this thread losing popularity?
It is. That is y I try to advertise it at the beginning of every game I play.
Gront decides that this is boring, so he leaves saying, "I'm just going to go and rob some corrupt kel-morian mining depots. See ya later!"
Wait cultain does that mean u r leaving the forum?
Going into the main town LeKroger finds a vender that sells some equipment he has been wanting. "Ill take the U-238 round upgrade for my gauss riffle armor piercing preferable if ya can."
As Gront slowly creeps towards the depot, he notices the missile turrets. "ooh! This will be fun! Nothing like a challenge to get the adrenaline rushing!" he mutters to himself. He creeps slowly towards the turrets, he has to rely on his skill at sneaking, not his cloaker. He gets inside the control turret, tases the operator, and turns off the radar. Then, he cloaks, and walks into the depot. But that's where everything went wrong. As he looked inside, he sees... Zerg! Gront mutters "what the crap does the combine think it's doing! But then he sense another psionic presence in the building. A dominion ghost! He must be getting ready torelease the Zerg so the dominion back at the combine, which means they're one step closer to getting the combine's wealth. With his comlink, he calls everyone with the flying bar to get over here.
Quawesome, I feel like it's just LeKronger, you, and me posting.
James receives Gront's call. He smiles.

"Bout time i had some action."

He gets in the Valkyrie and flies to Gront's location.

(where are you, one of the moons? The planes? The rainforest? You need to say that, just a RP tip from me)
The kel morian sect of the planet.
06/23/2011 08:32 PMPosted by Cultian
The kel morian sect of the planet.

So the volcanic moon or the west town at the base of the mesa?
Gront checks his tracker, and at least James answered the call. He thinks: the ghost must have been trying to get in, and he provided the window! Gront decides to keep the ghost distracted. He decloaks and starts yelling "hi, I'm a disraction and I am distracting you." then the other ghost decloaks and says "hey! I'm totally distracted! This is like the best show ever!
The town part.
K sorry g2g be back later. I think you guys live in calafornia or something but I live in Virginia so I have a different schedule.
Suddenly, a knife jolts out of the ghost's throat and blood spurts everywhere. He falls down dead, showing James behind him.

"Heard your message."

He walks over to the body and jerks his knife out.

James is simply equiped, wearing a neosteel vest, and the only weapons he has is his flak pistol, his knife, and a AGR-14 gauss rifle with attached scope.
Lul I like your slightly disguised cores from Portal. Especially the Curiosity Probe. :D
Hearing the message, LeKroger didnt think to respond right away. he didnt even get the whole message.
Hearing the message Q tries to find his way out of the rainforest. He has no luck. Eventually he decided to take out his GPS device and starts heading towards Gront's location.
Goes back to his ship to rest for the night.
(night yall catch ya later)

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