Who is excited for PSVita?

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Anyways, I'll probably get the WiFi only version for 250.00. The only way I'll get the 3G version is if someone can put in an application that lets me use internet phone and text functions like a Skype-type of application would be awesome.
Me! I keep missing the handheld games for like, Final Fantasy and such. I need to finally jump on the bandwagon. xD
Haha. Last handheld I owned was the Gameboy. The OLD school one where it was like the size of a brick and you can throw it at someone to cause an aneurysm.

Yeah, after the E3 conference and saw the Vita I thought, that will be my 2nd handheld gaming device!
i think vba is a pretty cool guy
Nope because (as I have now sold my PSP) I think PSVita will have games like the PSP which were either bad ports from consoles, rehashed games (Disgaea and other JRPGs), same old but popular game franchises (GoW, Uncharted, an FPS here and there), games that are popular in Japan but lacks success abroad (Monster Hunter Freedom Unite/Monster Hunter 3rd Portable), ugly minis and games ported from the iPhone (Angry Birds).

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