Computer part buying help

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System type: Build your own
Budget: 550 USD
Primary purpose: Gaming, just want to be to run low-medium comfortably
Brand preferences: No preferences
Parts you already have and will use/re-use: Keyboard and mouse
Planning to Overclock?: No

Hey guys, first time builder here. Want to build a new pc since my 1.6ghz laptop is not cutting it haha. I've been checking out and such but, i have no idea on what to get. thanks.
The link below is to a $500 biuld a tech site did. They did the build according to what they feel was the best they could get for the money. The only interchangable part is the case, just pick one you like at the same price.,2903.html

Please keep in mind that prices do fluxuate, also, I don't see a copy of Windows in the list, so if you need that its going to get ruff to do a really decent build as it runs about $99 for an OEM copy.

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