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Plot: Thanks to Former Executor Tassadar’s sacrifice, the Zerg Overmind is dead. However, the zerg are now rampant and the individual broods led by cerebrates are fighting each other to the death. Cerebrate Mavera leading Coberakis brood, which has split off from the Aiur Brood is securing his brood’s territory and his last enemy is the heavily defended Protoss Dragoon Shrine the place where wounded Protoss warriors are enclosed in armoured Dragoon Exoskeletons. After Tassadar’s sacrifice, Artanis, the temporary executor of the protoss has quickly sent a dark templar, high templar envoy to the Dragoon Shrine. The dark templar Hal-Ras (male) and the high templar Sunderfar (male) don’t get along, but begin to on their harrowing trip (by shuttle, then on foot after it crashed). En route, the two protoss realize Mavera’s intentions, but are unable to get close enough to kill the Cerebrate. They push for the Dragoon Shrine and manage to reach it to warn the Dragoons of the impending zerg attack. The protoss fight valiantly, Mavera’s brood sustains heavy casualties. However, the protoss are still overwhelmed and to save the Dragoon Temple, the protoss self destruct it. The dragoon Yorzak manages to buy time for Hal-Ras and Sunderfar to gather the Dragoon blueprints. Sunderfar and Hal-Ras leave the Shrine and separate. While Sunderfar is running, a surprise ambush by the zerg causes the data crystal carrying the Dragoon blueprints to be damaged and the technology lost. Sunderfar goes in shame. While Mavera’s rejoicing his victory, Hal-Ras manages to assassinate the cerebrate and the Coberakis brood begins to devour itself.
Hal-Ras, Sunderfar and several protoss dragoon survivors rejoin in a hidden shuttle where they mourn for the loss of the Dragoon Shrine.

However, all is not lost. Both Sunderfar and Hal-Ras, before the attack on the Dragoon Shrine, had studied the principles on how the warriors were interned into the exoskeletons. Hal-Ras plans to introduce these principles to his fellow dark templar and Sunderfar has come up with a new 'hardened shield' design that could be introduced. On the journey to the rest of the protoss fleet, Hal-Ras draws up a blueprint, for the first stalker. Sunderfar meanwhile, draws up the blueprint for the first immortal
I probably need more info and I'm not sure if i should go ahead with this...so plz give me some feedback...oh and don't steal plz.
Meh I could see it being pretty good but then agian I'm not a story critic.

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