What to use the programmable buttons?

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I just got a RazerDeathadder and I was wondering what should I use the two buttons on the side as? I was thinking building probes, but I am not sure. Any advice? Should even bother with them?
make one hit the find match button(if possible)
and ya i like the scv/probe/drone idea
I've got two buttons on the side of my mouse. I map one to a camera position (which I set to my forward pylon) and the other to my warp gates. It makes warp-ins more efficient.
It depends on your race, I'd think. If you want, you could map it to Warpgates or Hatcheries, or something like that.

But I'd probably do something like selecting an idle worker, and moving to the most recent notification from SC, i.e when I'm attacked, etc.

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