Need help with new hardware on budget!

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I have 260 dollars to burn on new hardware. I wish to update my motherboard/processor because they are very outdated. My other parts is a decent harddrive, 600w power supply (do i need to update that?) 260 gtx video card. What are some good motherboards/processors i could split my 260-300 dollars on and run SC2 on max/best as possible?

thank you guys!
I did my best to keep the cost where you asked and get the best parts you could. My results come at $309.98 with free shipping. If your outside CA and NJ there shouldn't be any sales tax. Here are the parts:

Motherboard: ASRock P67 PRO3 $119.99 (there are slightly cheaper ones, but once you add shipping they are alomost the same price)

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 $189.99

Total: $309.98 w/o sales tax and both parts have free shipping.

Your PSU should be fine, 600w is a decent wattage. You only really need more when you get into high end parts and things like Crossfire or SLI.

I assumed that you have a standard desktop tower and not a slim form factor.
i was eyeing that processor, that motherboard is a nice option! thank you so much

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