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Recently I have been diving into the world of modding using the Starcraft II editor. Honestly, this youtube video not only inspired me but made my mind flow with constant ideas:

This only touches the surface of the power of this tool. However, it shows you that you are able to make completely different games outside of the RTS genre. Also, you are able to incorporate gamepad compatibility into your mod, as this forum post states:

So with that said, I am looking to make a high quality SC2 mod, and it would not be in the RTS genre. I will tell you about my ideas once you are on the team. I do not want to put my ideas out there at this point.

I am going to need three more people on my team. They are:

Graphical Artist ----> The Graphical Artist will be an essential part to this project. He or she would provide the 3d modeling for characters, weapons, items, and help with spells. Would also do the artwork for the loading screens.

Music Composer ---> This position is required for this project, but I feel this would probably be the easier of the three. The reason why I say this, is because I am making a mod based of a previously made game. So, a lot of the music is done already for you, however I still would like our own "flavor" if you will to the music and experience.

Writer ---> This maybe the wrong forums to post this position, but I do need a writer to help me with this project. I plan on in the late stages paying for time in the recording studio and hiring voice actors. Good dialogue is a must.

I will be lead developer. I will be bringing the work that these three members contribute and bringing it together into the game. I will also work on the balance, and of course bugs.

If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact me and tell me a little about yourself, and maybe show me some of your work/previous projects. (PM or email would suffice.)

I am a very easy going and understanding person. I am not going to expect everyone to know everything, as I do not know everything and am still learning. Time is on our side, and I want to make a very high quality game experience.

Thank you.
this sounds like an awesome project

i would tell you this will be ALOT of work but something tells me you already know that

that being said i would love to help do triggering and such but im nowhere near good enough for a game of this scale

however if i may add my 2 cents as for possible game idea

here goes:

an aircraft simulater similar to ACE COMBAT i want to be able to unlock special weapons/aircraft...or spacecraft =)/aircraft colors/and have long term stats kills/medals etc....

EDIT: with the map size limit methinks u not gonna have enough room for a full fledged game
Clever idea :) My idea is quite different.

I know it is going to be a lot of work. However, I am prepared to do the work, as well, this stuff excites me.

I also bet you know more than me. But that isn't going to stop me, and it shouldn't stop you. There is already a vast amount of resources online, and I feel anything is possible with enough time and dedication.

Have you played around with the mod setting? Just curious. I've done plenty of tutorials online, and all of them require you to make a new map. None of them use the mod setting. So it is something I am going to have to play around in. Maybe the environment is virtually limitless, or you would be able to load multiple levels, or maps, throughout the gaming experience. I'm sure there are ways to get around that.

I could use the help with the editor as well. I really want to make this happen, and more help the better.
A kind bump before I go to bed. :) Sweet dreams internet.
i already have a project im working on somewhat

however if i were to help would i need to give u an email address or something?
Yeah, email would work.
if and when i ever finish this project X)

ill message u ingame and see what we can workout for things like payroll and details

lol just jking no payroll but this idea sounds really good
on a side note i dont think this will be feasible unless blizz increase available size for publishing as this would be a greatly space intensive project
but yea i would be interested in helping

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