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So I'm pretty sure that there is no ongoing Terran Text Adventure at this point. There fore I will try and create one. I will take all criticism, and if I am told there are too many of these/people are tired of text adventures, I will stop. Well, here we go.

You are just a colonist. You were never good with guns, infact you even shot yourself on a hunting trip. But blades, that is a different story. So good, infact, that you got yourself thrown in jail for a couple murders. But now the Dominion approach you. They want you to be a *Test Subject* for a new melee-type unit. What do you do?
*I need a vote on the character's name and the Unit's name. 3 votes should do it. Credit to Zorca, Pandamonium, ROGTARholy, and Vultureling for giving me the idea for a new Text Adventure.*
Yay terran the funniest race by far I've been waiting for one. Let's call him Gabrial and the unit should be the Dreadnought.
Now two more votes for that and you get it! I like it.
dangit i forgot.....can i just vote 3 times??? :P
You could. But it wouldn't count ;D

Edit: I'll be back later. Gonna go play my Xbox.
lol 360 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Character Cole Scott. Unit: Eviserator
Character Jackson Davis, I like galvians idea of dreadnaught.
Or Peter Underwood
Or Luke Mayweather
Or Exavier Goodyear
2 Votes Dreadnought, 1 Vote Eviserator. 1 Vote Cole Scott,1 Vote Jackson Davis, 1 Vote Gabrial *blank*. Still need a command lol

Edit: Not typing those Daven >:L

Edit: I submitted. Luke Mayweather-1, Exavier Goodyear-1, Peter Underwood-1
I'm full of creative names!
Daven, come up with a command! I don't care what it is. As long as he doesn't die.
What about all of the other ones?
I like Luke mayweather the best.
I need a command to continue the story. Did you even read my original post? lol.
Command? What the heck is a command? You mean like @addbehavior herodeathprevention?
You roleplay too much. You tell me what to make the character in teh story to do. As in

DavenFlare: Say no.

I then roleplay with this.

Story: *InsertName* No. *DominionWarden* Too bad. *Forces him to be TestSubject.

I personally like the name Exavier and Underwood best.
Give me something to work with buddy. Btw tomorrow at nine your time wanna play portal?
AM or PM maybe. It's possible if I'm not still sick I'll be at basketball workouts. And I just gave you something to work with.
Luke... Does it involve needles?
Warden... No.
Luke... Radiation? No!
Same as knives,
What about daggers?
Luke... But I didn't answer yet!
Warden... Shut up or we will have to incapacitate you.
Luke... I'm going, I'm going!

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