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* warden and his men load Luke into a truck ten miniutes later bandaged and tied up, bleeding out of arm wound and black eye forming*
Luke... -groans-
Scientist... Quiet kid. Don't make us do the shock treatment.
Luke... -says nothing and stays still-

06/14/2011 07:45 PMPosted by ILLADOR
AM or PM maybe. It's possible if I'm not still sick I'll be at basketball workouts. And I just gave you something to work with.
How about noon your time?
Luke slips a pocket knife out of it's sleeve holster and prepares to strike the guards. Slowly and quietly he cuts through the rope that binds his hands.
Luke then waits for the right moment, which came when the truck bumped over a rock. The guards were thrown off guard and that is when Luke striked.
(Lulz. You tell me what to do and i then make a post continuing the story. But I'll incorporate that since you are learning.)

You contemplate for a second. "Does it involve needles?"

"No," answers Garm Langdon, the Warden.

"What about radiation?", you ask.

"No," answers Garm.

"What about blades?"


"I accept!" you answer enthusiastically.

"Alright, open the cell." A marine steps forward and unlocks the door. He suddenly covers your mouth and nose with a cloth covered in a strange smelling liquid. You black out.

You awake in a bright white room with a black stripe leading through one of many doors. In front of you is a sign. It reads,

"Follow the black line"

What do you do?

Edit: Noon works. I posted what happened. Now give me a simple, one sentence command, such as explore the nearest door to the right.
First he lunges at the first guard, slicing open his throat with one lethal swipe. The second guard does not recover from the death of his partner fast enough to face the sheer fury built up inside Luke.
Read the above post Daven. Otherwise you shall be trolled forever more. I can start right now too. ;D I have only 10-39 minutes. Please hurry.
Oops... He follows the black line to a room covered in blood with a dentist chair in the center
A doctor in scrubs waits by the chair
Hurry boy!
Hello? If your still there get on xbox at noon ur time
(You don't get to control events, just actions. lulz.)

You slowly walk along the black line. You feel light-headed and lean against the wall. After you have recovered, you continue on your way. You walk through the door, when it slams behind you. You jump at the sound, then glance around the room. You see a suit, heavily armored, like a Marauder's, what looks like stealth capability, and two strange blades jutting out of teh shoulders.

Suddenly bright lights turn on. You look up and notice faint images behind a window. Suddenly a voice comes over the intercom.

"Enter the suit."

You walk forward. Suddenly the suit splits in half and molds around you. It is strong, but light. It allows you to sprint at twice teh speed than before. You pull out one of the blades.It has a grip designed to fit your glove exactly. You swing it and are surprised by how strong the suit makes you.

"Now, defeat the targets."

Suddenly, three Zerglings are raised from the floor. How do you go about the fight?

(You have to give me time to post, I have to make it as good as possible, lol.)
Well, tomorrow at noon I guess.
Noon works
Oh sorry dude gtg bedtime
Later. Whoever picks this up, I'll probly be on tomorrow,
06/14/2011 07:33 PMPosted by DavenFlare
I like galvians idea of dreadnaught

Thank you very much.
You charge the closest Zergling and slices its head off. You throw one blade into another and grabes one in mid strike and guts it. (someone deal with the rest of the kills i don't feel like typing that much)
(There are only three, should have cleared that up. I'm fixing it now)

You grab one blade in each hand.You notice they have a slight purple tint to them. You then sprint the distance between you and the first confused Zergling. You quickly cut its head off, and it starts writhing like a worm. You thrust your blade deep into its chest, and it lays still.

You throw the blade in your left hand with deadly accuracy. It hits the Zergling directly in its left eye. The Zergling proceeds to ram a wall, thrusting the blade even deeper into its skull. It collapses on the floor.

From behind you hear a shriek and turn just in time for the last Zergling to impale itself on your remaining blade. It squirms, near death, when you slide it off the blade. You walk away, leaving it to bleed out.

"Now, for an even tougher challenge. Here you will get your full abilities. A medicated stim-pack that requires no health, but a ten minute cooldown, weak psionic shields, The ability to cloak for 15 minutes, with a 20 minute recharge, and small psi-daggers for throwing. Good luck," says the mysterious voice.

Out of the ground rises....

(You get to decide, but don't let it be too much for him too deal with. Also, I'd be much obliged if it Protoss. First poster gets it, also anyone wanna play some custom games? My last friend just signed off and I'm bored......)
Pardon the interruption.

No Terran Text adventures? From what I recall, didn't Panda and Zorca have adventures all about a reaper and a viking?

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