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A zealot riding an omegalisk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/15/2011 08:17 AMPosted by ILLADOR
"Now, for an even tougher challenge. Here you will get your full abilities. A medicated stim-pack that requires no health, but a ten minute cooldown, weak psionic shields, The ability to cloak for 15 minutes, with a 20 minute recharge, and small psi-daggers for throwing. Good luck," says the mysterious voice.

Dude that's so OP how do you not kill something with that?!?!?!?!!
Pardon the interruption.

No Terran Text adventures? From what I recall, didn't Panda and Zorca have adventures all about a reaper and a viking?

What I meant was there is no ongoing Terran Text Adventure. I have actually read both all the way through. I shall fix my mistake.
He is an experimental new unit. They don't want him dying in battle and losing all the equipment. Therefore is is an overpowered lone-wolf type. How about a Zealot that was infused with an Ultralisk? An Omegalisk is waaaaaaay to overpowered. Failed tests ftw? Also, still need more votes for character name and Unit name.

Edit: I shall be on tomorrow
aww ok then we'll have a brutalisk? or maybe a hybrid reaver
how about a guy in the same suit as you whos in the same situation as you?
06/17/2011 11:33 AMPosted by DavenFlare
how about a guy in the same suit as you whos in the same situation as you?

How bout that guy riding a brutalisk!!!!
Wow Galvian. You are obsessed with overpowered crap. I haven't felt like posting today. I'm sick. D: Daven. I like your idea. might implement it tomorrow. Also is this even worth continuing? Only you two even post here. :P

Edit: Why do people never post at night? >:l
Dude who cares lol it's keeping us two busy and I'll try to get some others to post if you keep it going.

Edit: well i'm always on cause i've got nothing else to do and at your daytime i'm actually playing
*I'm in a writing mood, so here we go. Also, if I do not get a vote soon, I will choose my own character name and unit name.*

The floor panels slowly separate. From within rose a single figure. Wearing a suit. Just like yours. But it seemed unsure, confused, even downright afraid. Over your com you hear, "What's going? Where am I? Who are you?"

"This is your final test. Prove yourself and you will be sent straight into battle. Begin," said the voice, "Also, if you do not finish. We will take care of both of you."

You stare at the other person. He stares back. He reaches for one of the psi-daggers with a shaky hand. He raises the blade, and throws. It barely travels halfway the distance between you two.

You have two choices. Kill him, or refuse to fight. What do you do?

*P.S. Your choices throughout the story determine your ending. Just so ya know.*
get close, grapple him and whisper to him a plan: use the power suits to break out of the prison thingy and join the Kel-Morian Combine.

or something along those lines. id like a team-up :D
*I actually don't know much about the Kel-Morioan Combine, but I'll look into it*

Your thoughts are rushing around in your head. The only thing you can focus on is: "I can't kill an innocent again." You decide you have to create an escape plan.

You rush to him as fast as you can. You grab him like you are about to snap his neck, then, you whisper: "Help me, and we can escape."

"Ok-k-ay," he stutters.

You glance around the room. You notice the window again.

"Follow me," you then release him and throw a dagger straight at the window. The sheer force shatters it. You see a shocked, aging male scientist.

"Guards! They are attempting escape!" he exclaims into a microphone. You hear this echo through the room.

"Go!" you yell at the other. You sprint towards the wall with the window. You take out your blades and thrust one into the wall. You start repeating this, quickly working your way up the wall. When you enter the room, you look back. You can see 4 War Pigs entering the chamber. The other subject is barely half-way up the wall. You toss two psi-daggers at the mercs to slow them down. One pierces the lead War Pig's visor, and he collapses to the ground. The other pierces a foot, pinning a War Pig to the floor. You quickly help the other subject through the window and sprint through the only door.

You rush through hallways, constantly zigging and zagging past bullets. Luckily your shields can block some of the shots. In the distance you can see a medi-vac. You don't know how to fly, but it's your only chance.

You yell, "Activate the stim-pack!" As this happens, you feel a rush. It feels like adrenaline, but ten times more powerful. You feel yourself rushing through the hallways faster than ever before. You race up the Medi-Vac ramp, and sit in the pilot seat. You hit a big switch that says "Power", and then another that says "Auto-Pilot". You set the co-ordinates for......
Mar Sara!!!!!!!
Hey, im new to this thread, but i'd like to help out anyway.

Mar Sara sounds good if I may say so.
I liked the thread that you put up there with the code it was a lil hard and i still can't figure out what one of the words was.
06/17/2011 09:18 PMPosted by ILLADOR
Wow Galvian. You are obsessed with overpowered crap.

What can I say man I'm an asian teenager that plays zerg :p
@Atlas New people are always welcome! Especially since there are barely any here!
@Galvian lulz.
I have decided to make my own names. I never got enough and this thread has been around for awhile. I'll get back to you with a continuation of the story and the names.
sure, mar sara. ask the dude's name as you fly there.
06/13/2011 08:13 AMPosted by Galvian
Yay terran the funniest race by far I've been waiting for one.

((If you had a time machine , mine was Terran..))
*I'm back! So here we go again, into the dark realms of my mind. What shall happen? Only I know...... Also, this is set in the time frame just after Raynor's attacks on Mar Sara. Just going to Agria and stuff.*

You input Mar Sara as your destination. You need somewhere safe to land, and Mar Sara just had those uprisings, so there won't be as much Dominion. The Medi-Vac makes a sharp turn to the left, and takes off towards the distant planet.

You lean back in the pilot chair. Your stomach rumbles and you remember you hadn't eaten since before you were arrested. You stand up and wander around the cabin, hoping to find the old pilot's stash of food. You finally find it hidden in a small panel. Inside you see a half empty jug of orange juice, and a two bags of Battle-Mix.*I had to >.<*

You hear a knock at the door. You straighten up with the orange juice and food in-hand.

"Hold on," you say. You open the door and step out. Infront of you is the man you rescued. Except he looks only to be 17 or 18. Definitely not ready for battle. What was he doing there?

"I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for not killing me. The name's Luke. Luke Mayweather.

"It's okay, here, take this," you throw one of the packs of food at him. He grabs it and tears it open. He slowly starts eating it. You tear yours open, and eat it ravenously. After you are finished, you search for some cups for the orange juice. Finding some, you sit down and pour the rest of the bottle into the two cups.

"My name is Jordan Bishop. Grew up on Chau Sara. Pretty crappy childhood. But I lived. Got interested in blades. Got into a couple fights later on. People died. Got sent to jail. Then the Dominion picked me up for whatever this is." you say, gesturing at the suit, "Now I don't know what I'm gonna do. Got Dominion tech, could sell it, or I could fight back. I don't know, I just don't know." You collapse on the bench. You sit there, and you can feel your eyes drooping. You try to fight it, but you succumb to the darkness.

You wake up to alarms going off. You suddenly feel the ship shake violently. You rush to the cockpit and you can see three Dominion Vikings.Luke is staring at them in shock. He can barely move. It's up to you to either destroy, or avoid this threat. You........

*Also, I can't believe so many people are starting to post. lol.*

Edit: Officially changed name to ILLADOR's Text Adventure, for this is kinda successful :D

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