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destroy the threat
You realize there is no chance of escape. Another missile hits the ship. You sprint out the door, locking as you leave. You flip the airlock switch, and dive out into space. You hear nothing, but you see your targets ahead. You grab onto the hull, and launch yourself forward.

You are heading directly towards the lead viking. You can see the pilot's shocked expression. You land directly on the engine. You pull out your blade and stab into the hull. You then climb towards the cockpit through the small hole you made. The pilot turns around with a pistol. He fires, but the shot deflects off your shields. You lunge forward and stab him through the heart. Blood splatters against the window.

Suddenly a missile hits the Viking. It cracks the cockpit, and then it shatters. You launch yourself back into space. There are now only two vikings left. One fires a missile at you, but you dodge out of the way. It explodes against the other Viking, and it goes careering off into space.

You launch yourself at the last Viking. It fires again, but misses. You pull out your blade. You stab it directly into the cockpit, into the pilots helmet.You pull your blade out, staring at the blood. Suddenly you hear Luke over the com.

"Dude! That was freaking awesome! Come on back in here. Airlock's still open," says Luke.

"I'm coming," you launch off the cracked window. Floating through space, you stare at the stars. You had never been so close to them. Yet they still seemed so small.

You suddenly hit your head against the hull. You grab on and pull yourself through the airlock. You flip the switch again, closing the airlock.The room pressurizes and fills with oxygen. You take the helmet off, revealing shaggy, brown hair, and green eyes. You start to remove the suit completely. After you are done Luke comes out of the cockpit.

"How did you do that? It was insane!" he exclaims.

"I have no idea," you answer. You sit on the bench again, more tired then ever. You pass out in a few seconds.

*That's all I've got for now. I'll come back later with more, but til now I want feedback on it. What I need to improve and what you guys think. Thanks! :D Also, Egon is back!*
really liked it :)
o and why isnt there a choice for the story above?
I am currently thinking on what to do next! I'm trying to make this really good. Also, I can't believe Zorca posted here. I'm giddy with excitement. He was my biggest inspiration lol.
waitin waitin
I probably won't post until tomorrow. So you should go look at other stuff. Mainly this hehehehe.
It's tommorow lol
waiting, hurry or u will lose a new subscriber
*You guys must really like this thread. lol. Alright, got my music on, here we go.*

You wake up suddenly. You stand up and look out the window. All you can see is Mar Sara. You have arrived. The planet looks even bigger than you had thought it would be. You can see giant sandstorms, huge deserts, and large mountains. It's a breathtaking sight. Suddenly an alarm goes off.

"Orbital Re-entry Immeninent."

The ship starts speeding up as gravity pulls it in. Then a you feel a sudden jerk as the Re-entry Thrusters kick in. You are slowly getting close to the surface. You can see a small town with a landing pad, and an even smaller lake.

When the ship is just a few hundred feet from the landing pad, you can see a small Dominion patrol. As you get closer, they seem to notice you. One of them points up at you. It's a small group of 3 marines, a medic, and a marauder. As the ship lands, they slowly come closer, weapons raised. You.....

*Sorry about the long wait, I had things to do today. :P Also, subscriber? What is this, Youtube? lol*
You hide and then jump them, except for the medics. (real men don't kill girls lol)
have sex with the medics after you kill the guys
I agree with sLyT lol
*Just got Terraria today, spent a couple hours playing it. Checked here, and was gonna post, whent the King Slime spawned. I lost. He spawned again. Almost killed him. But here I am now.*

You quickly put on your suit. The squad gets closer and closer. When you are fully prepared, you wait behind the door.

A marine starts pounding on the door. "Open up!" he yells. After a few moments, you hear "Crack it open!"

Suddenly the door is blown inwards. The hull was so stressed from the fight with the Vikings, it couldn't stand anymore abuse. The squad charges in and point their weapons at you. Suddenly, one of their helmets explode. You look around but dont see anything. Then the marauder's grenades explode, killing him and a marine. The marine starts spraying randomly, but is soon cut down by a throwing knife. The medic takes off, but is shot in the base of the skull.

Luke comes out of the cockpit. He sees you pinned to the ground by the debris and the dead bodies. " What the- What happened back here?" he says as he starts pulling junk off of you.

As you stand up, you hear something.

"Hold still, and maybe you keep your brain." You can't tell who or what it is, for the voice is garbled, distorted. You feel a push and start walking forward. Judging by the look on Luke's face, it's happening to him too.

Suddenly an entrance to a dropship opens infront of you. You can't see the dropship, so it must be cloaked. What the hell is going on?

You are pushed onto a bench, and locked into place. You still can't see your captors. What do you do?
sit there and talk to luke about who it could be
remain calm and yell (into the air, i know) something like "who are you?"
*I'm finally back. I've had a lot of stuff going on, but I finally have time to post. So here we go.*

You look around the dropship. You can't even detect the faint shimmer of your enemy. You can tell it is an expensive, custom ship.

"Who do you think they are?" you hear Luke whisper.

"Can't be Dominion. Best I can guess is mercs or rebels," you answer.

"What are we going to do?" he asks.

You ignore Luke for a second. You thought you had seen something. Finally, you can see a faint shimmer, right infront of you. How had you not noticed it before?

"Who are you?" you ask, "I can see you right there."

A ghost suddenly uncloaks. Then a whole squad. Most of them are cleaning their weapons. The one infront of you is pointing a rifle at you.

"Red Moon mercs. Got payed alot of credits to bring you in. Don't know why, don't really care. So just shut up 'til we get our pay," says a ghost to your left.

You glance out a window. You see what looks like a military base in the distance. You guess that's where you're heading. The base is getting closer by the second. Soon you land on a pad. As the door opens, they force you to stand up, rifles at your back.They start marching you towards an orbital command. As you enter, you glance back at Luke. He seems to be taking it pretty well. They take you to the control room. There you see.......

*Please describe the character, and give him/her a name. I thought this would be a good idea since I was gone so long. I will take the first serious one to reach 3 votes, or after 3 days.*

genreal gunman he is sitting there with a pile of credits to pay the mercs and looking like he wants to kill you and luke
So, I'm bored. Anyone wanna play some custom games?
(I would but i just did but i'm game for later and about and hour)

Tosh and a few spectres He's sitting in a chair smoking a cigar. (yes i'm serious)
Hmmm interesting idea.

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