Can I Run It?

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This is my computer--->

This is the graphics card i want to purchase--->

This is the Power Supply i want--->

Do you think these things will be able to work in my computer? All responses are appreciated.
Can't seem to find solid benchmarks on that card...
I'm guessing it'll play fine at Medium/High, though... unless you Overclock the CPU for a bit more. :-)
Looks like you don't have a 2.0 slot, so your GPU will only run at 1.0 speeds.

Plus that CPU is pretty crappy, and while I can't be certain without looking up benchmarks and such for the CPU and the 6770, I'd bet it would be working hard with a 6770 in there, even though the 6770 is by no means a high end card.

Its also odd that they called the CPU the Phenom 9100e, since the difference between a Phenom and Athlon is that the phenom has the L3 cache, which the 9100e doesn't. It looks like its an AM2plus socket, so you could upgrade to an AM3 Phenom II 955 (AM3 works on AM2plus) but that still doesn't change the fact that the motherboard doesn't have a 2.0 slot (from looking at that spec sheet)
You are basically buying a POS system and throwing in a newerish type GPU. Slow CPU, slow ram. You not getting much out of this system to start with.

Will it play the game? yes it will.

Will you see oustanding visuals and enjoy tons of eye candy? NOPE. not at any resolution.

Your looking at medium settings. I think high settings with playable framrates will be pushing it.

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