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Hey guys, some of you might remember me from the last post I made here with the EXACT same title. I ended up buying the mouse and i gotta say. THE COOLEST MOUSE EVER!!!
It is SO worth it in my opinion. It helps not only with the greater sense of control, it gives much needed precision and VERY stylish look.
not to mention the customizable buttons on the side, i absolutely love those for the ease of access to my main army, as well as my secondary choice within that army (typically siege tanks) for stunning efficiency.... not super pricy like some of them, very comfortable and made of 100% AWSOME!!! i just got a kabuto mouse pad, and when combined the ammount of control and precision is 10 fold... so anyone thinking about it, stop... just buy it!
hmm not enough buttons, need the naga for cotrol groups and fumction keys
Razer Naga or Logitech G600 for me. Can't live without 17 buttons lol.

I agree that once you tasted a gaming mouse you feel like everything else is pure crap
That necropost

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