Pump Up Songs?!!!

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What song do you listen to to get you pumped for some multiplayer action!!
Here's mine...

Your Going Down-Sick Puppies
Riot-Three Days Grace

post below cant wait to see you guy's music!!!

also if you want to get a free 1v1 win mssg me ingame. i suck ;D
I'll do artists:

Foo Fighters
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Linkin Park

That's my super SC2 playlist right there (minus some random stuff)
Terran Up The Night - CHUCK T BONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin
Indestructable - Disturbed
I Aginst I - Mos Def and Massive Attack
+ any of the 609 productions SC2 songs
dude i can't watch youtube :( so sad can u give me the name of the song?
Terran Up the Night
Rogues do It From Behind (i am a rogue in WoW and it is all true)
Raging Against the Machine
Beasty Boys
I Am Murlock
Power of the Horde
(btw terran up the night is by level 70 elite tauren cheiftan not chuck tbone :) )
06/14/2011 11:43 AMPosted by MrGiggles
btw terran up the night is by level 70 elite tauren cheiftan not chuck tbone :)

LMAFO kk I just guessed who it was
This is all on youtube.

I'm A Gamer-BrySi
HalovsCoD Rap Battle 1+2-BrySi
I'm A CoD Pro-BrySi
CoD Rap-BrySi
I Wish I Had A Jetpack-Brysi
I wish I had a Killionaire-Brysi
Camper Song-BrySi
changes all the time. right now I listen to the 'diggy diggy hole' remix
06/21/2011 07:40 PMPosted by Jake
Breaking Benjamin

You guys are gonna love some examples from mine:

Fergalicious - Fergie
Imma Be - Black Eyed Peas
They Want EFX - Das EFX
Warning - Biggie

Just some examples

Most of the time though, I just listen to Youtube's Deadmau5 playlist.
Anything thats Dubstep!!!!! YEHHHHH lmao
Symphony X currently.
When I'm playing SC2 I love to listen to country music
My list?

CROW'SCLAW - Hibernation Sickness
CROW'SCLAW - Check your blood.
CROW'SCLAW - Solitude of Descended
CROW'SCLAW - Holy Butterfly
CROW'SCLAW - Necro Phantasia
CROW'SCLAW - Common state of innocent violence
CROW'SCLAW - Last Remote
CROW'SCLAW - Immortal Madness

I really like CROW'SCLAW.....
requiem for a dream is epic for any SC2 game!
true true @Destroyka

It should have been the toss music
Its a small world after all.
Eminem/MGMT remix - Kids/Without Me
Any band of rock.

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