DoomerX's Fail Text Adventure Pt.2

Joeyray's Bar
Tally 1-1vote 2-2votes
Same Deal as with last one answer in comments what he should do with 1,2,3, or 4.

Cold advanced to the local bar, he knew he need more information on his target's whereabouts and whatever he uses for defense's. He sat at the bar and ordered a bottle of Ghost Snipe when a drunk walked over to him like he owned the place.
"Heyyy *hic* i don'tsh thnkshh that ya will *hic* be ablesh to drinksh with that mashhk on, sho i'll jusshhh *hic* take that drinksh." Cold said nothing, but when the man outstretched an arm to take the drink Cold slammed his head into the bar with his left hand and held his combat knife to his throat with his right.
"We won't have a problem here now will we." He said menacingly. The man tried his best to shake his head no. "gooood, now i want information."
"I'll t-t-try my best." The man replied, between the pain in his head and how frightened he was, he seemed much more sober.
"Wonderful now can you tell where this man is." Cold held a picture to the former drunk's face.
"y-yea... he usually drinks by hisself in the back..."
"Thank you for the polite conversation." Cold took his hand off the man's head and sheathed his combat knife. As we walked to the back he heard this,
"oh god... I need a drink..."
Cold entered the back room, it was actually similar sized room.
"Must have it reserved." He checked around to confirm it was his target. There was three TVs-one was shot out-, a half empty cigarette box -judging by the ashes on the floor all smoked today-, some case, a bottle and glass of some foul smelling booze,... and no bartender. He opened the case and an adjutant appeared on the screen on what seemed to be a computer.
"Please Input Password." It said in it's feminine mechanical voice. Cold thought about what it could be and came up with multiiple passwords.

1) R's Raiders
3) New Gettysburg
4) Kerrigan

Votes will be tallied and Pt.3 will be made tomorrow.
Also, anyone who got the reference wins the internet, for science!
(is Raynor the target?!?!?!?!)
The password is totally Kerrigan but i don't want to kill Raynor so imma say 1
It's obviously 2

Edit: Also why did you make a whole thread for part 2 when you had the rest of the first one?
To make it easier to find... or so i thought... i'll use this for the story going forward
lol everytime you post it bumps teh thread to the top of teh forums. i think.
Tally 1-1 2-1 3-0 4-0

Cold entered "TheDominionIsALie" into the computer. The adjutant reappeared
"Incorret Password. Saving attempt. Entering hibernation." The screen went black and the case slammed itself shut.
"Damnit" Cold muttered to himself... looks like he'll just have to continue investigating. Cold slipped a Bug on the other side of the bar so if anybody passed here again he would know, and left the bar. He loitered outside for a few minutes when a Dominion transport rushed by the street. Something was going on. He walked over to a vulture and it's driver.
"This your bike?" He asked.
"Yeah. What about it?"
Cold held his gun to his head. "Get out."
" What! Dude your jokin' right?"
"I said, Get out." The driver didn't respond but he started up the vulture. Cold sighed and right before the vulture started to go he shot the driver. "They never learn"

1 Hour Later. Dominion Dig Site...

Cold got out the vulture when two dominion marines and a firebat walked over to him.
"This is a restricted area civilian, please turn around and go back however you ca-" Cold threw his combat knife into the marine who was talking's chest and cloaked.
"!!#@" Said the 2nd marine. "FIND HIM!" He shouted at the firebat who only stared at him through his helmet. " WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! FIND HIM!" The firebat lifted his incinerator guantlets. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING FIND HI-... wait what... what are you doing?! Answer me! WHAT ARE YOU Do-""Ready to roast" The marine was torched until only a burned suit remained. A knife went through the firebats helmet, stabbing him directly in the brain. "Thanks for the help big guy" Cold said peacefully.
He continued to the dominion base, or what was left of it. "What the hell happened here?" he thought outloud. A marine walked up to him. "Those damn raider's. They frakking stormed the place and killed everyone here. Wait... what how much clearance are you allowed?"
"Enough." He said and walked off. His Bug started to go off he checked it.
"Have to say Jimmy, you turned into a real impressive fighter. If I were old Mengsk, i'd be runnin' scared from ya too."
"You really mean that Tychus?"
"Nahhh I was just kiddin'." Cold's target was there. "About damn time." He thought.
He made his way back to the vulture, and it was being towed.He...

A) Stops the dominion force's towing it.
B) Hijacks a hellion
C) Hijacks The Dominion TRansport
D) Walks Back


Also, anyone who got the reference wins the internet, for science!


cakeplz? at long last?

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