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This is similar to a text adventure but it's focus on comedy. Also plz limit your post to around ten words. In a few days ill post a 'complete' version that has everything we've done. I'll start it off.

Jim Raynor was drinking and examining his kerrigan pictures.
He thinks about what she said.
He grabs his party hat, Its Tychus's B-day.
so, he and tychus go down to the "High-Templar" bar
There they found a Drunken Warfield
He got into a bar fight with a hunter killer who ate his other hand.
But the hunter killer was a protoss hallucination! So they turn around and meet a fun-loving sentry who visits bars even though he only feeds on vespene.
Jim Tychus and Uninfested Kerrigan start breaking the beer bottles over the DT's heads.
But the Dark Templars are changelings!!!! And then there is a massive ba fight between sentry hallucinations and changelings!

edit: *bar
They realize it's a stalemate since neither can do damage. BUT THEN IN SWOOPED THE INVISIBLE PROTISS SNI-
Aww, not aga-
But then an OMEGALISK unburrowed out in the parking lot and started eating the changelings and hallucinations!
But the Omegalisk eats the lava up to save his Terran friends, and is badly wounded. Jim, Tychus, Warfield, and Kerrigan sit around the dying Zerg hero, watching him take his final breath. Stetmann and a resurrected Hanson show up with a bunch of strange vials, then exclaim together, "WE CAN SAVE HIM!". They discover that Zerg body mechanisms are actually run by the power of motherly love, and so Zeratul shows up with a blindfolded queen. He removes the blindfold, and the queen gasps *MY BABY!!!*. She transfuses the Omegalisk, and then the Omegalisk gets up and roars into the sky. At the highest climactic point of its roar, we see mutalisks, pheonixes, and vikings fly together as an Odin places its arm on the Omegalisk's shoulder, and a Mothership fills the sky with vortex fireworks.
But then the hybrids come wanting their TV back
Oh noes! Jim grabs the One Shot Revolver of Cliched Awesomeness and aims at the hybrids!
but there's like a thousand of them
but the One Shot Revolver deals splash damage over the entire map!
but then the battlefield EXPANDED!!!

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