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Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 2.9 x 11.8 inches

What in the blue blazes? There is no way a video card has a surface area of 9.5 in * 11.8 in = 112 square inches anywhere on it. I was looking into getting a new video card, and it seems the computer case I got years back for SC2 is a mouse, and it only holds mouse dropping sized video cards. Currently I have an NVIDIA 8600 GTS at close to 7.5 inches.

My best guess using a ruler suggests I have about 9 internal inches before I run into the sata connections into the motherboard. I guess the bottom one is the harddrive followed by the CD/DVD drive. There are three ports above it, but I don't even know if you can plug them up in those as the color sequence on all 5 are in order 3 reds, 2 blacks.

I don't know where i"m really going with this. It seems getting a custom built PC from a store is one thing, upgrading the heck out of it until nothing of the orignal is left is insane. I really can't see myself bothering to get a bigger case and rewiring everything and getting new stuff just to play the most graphic intense game that I play being SC2. Rift would be up there too as I tried the 10 day demo, but medium was a lot for my machine to take in.
I believe the dimentions that they speak of are the box dimentions, not the card itself.

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