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I looked into the frozen water and saw a glass-like mirror of my face. I asked myself, “Who are you, Melios?” The truth was, I didn’t know. A hundred years ago, I knew I was a Protoss Zealot of the Akilae Tribe. But who was I now?

The Khala had forsaken me, but I had a new family. Thomas Smith was an old confederate marine, now a member of our ‘family’. Then there was Brian King—or Raven as he was called. Raven was a Dominion Reaper, before Arcturus was discovered to be a power-hungry tyrant.

I opened my eyes and stood up. My steel, dome-like quarters were my home as much as my prison. This was the ‘Ebon Phoenix’, a heavily modified drop ship with mini-gun turrets and thick, neo-steel plating. I felt the ship shake and I was nearly knocked to the ground. “We’re going into combat,” Raven stated. “Two Dominion Wraiths, be ready to hurt.”

Raven was calm over the intercom. For being a former Dominion Reaper; he always maintained a surprising level of serenity. Smith opened the door in his full suit of armor with his gauss rifle in hand, “Melios, suit up. We’ll likely be landing on Braxis for repairs.”

“You mean Braxis the planet? Where’s that?” I asked telepathically. “I’ve never even seen Braxis in seven centuries.” Smith raised a brow. His face was full of deep crevasses; his eye brows were silver, just like his goatee. His dark, blue eyes told a story of a harsh life.

“You’ve never been to Braxis?” he probed inquisitively. “I figured you were with the Protoss Empire during their time here.” I shook my head no. The ship was rocked again. This time I hit the ground, but Smith was barely moved.

“We’re making a crash landing,” the Intercom alerted. “Prepare to get a beating.” I looked out of the window and saw the Dominion Wraiths making a U-turn, but I felt a heavy slam and I lost consciousness.

When I managed to open my eyes, I was in my same outfit, a loin-cloth. “Where am I?” I asked, hoping to get an answer. Wherever I was, it was dark and cold. I normally didn’t mind the cold, but it was worse than normal.

“That’s a good question,” Smith responded. “But Raven’s missing, and with this much Dominion activity, he’ll likely be found.” He was right. We needed to save Raven; he had saved both of us more times than we could count over the past five years.

I looked around and saw a light. However, there was something standing in the light. A hydralisk was ‘standing’ there. Smith looked at me and said, “I hope you’re ready to become one with the Khala.”

“I don’t think it matters if I’m ready or not…”
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