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Got a budget of about 60 for both.
Anyone care to recommend some mice/keyboards? Dont need to be fancy, just need to get the job done thanks
Logitech is pretty good. Their website is
The Razer Deathadder is possibly the best mouse I've ever seen for it's price. (Around 50$ from Best Buy, but you can get it cheaper in other places I know.)
As for a keyboard, you can do really well with even a crappy one, like a Dynex (I recommend. I have one, and I got it for suuuuuper cheap [10$ or so]) , or a Logitech.
I'd highly recommend one of Microsoft's offerings. They're generally fairly inexpensive, have a good build quality, and will work quite well. And having hardware manufactured by the same people who wrote the OS is rather convenient, in some circumstances.

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