Need advice on which laptop to buy.

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Hello, I'm buying a laptop for college, but I'd like a good gaming laptop as well. I'd like to be able to run starcraft 2 on med-high settings and I'd also like to get it off of the microsoft store because of the xbox 360 deal. I don't have much knowledge in laptops so it would be greatly appreciated if someone can give me advice on this matter.

Oh and my price limit is 700$ to 1000$

thanks in advance
Well, if it must be from Microsoft Store, than I would get this:
The Dell and overpriced Sony crap may look appealing, but I assure you that they are NOT good. Elsewhere, I would recommend you get a Lenovo Thinkpad with the specs you want. They are reasonably priced, and the higher end models have neat features, but they aren't so pretty though =(. Or maybe you can get an MSi or Asus gaming series laptop... they look nice, but probably won't fit your budget =(. Well I don't have time to give you the exact models so... GL HF

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