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This thread will be about a marine who records his military carreer as a dairy for others to read. I would like you, the readers, to vote on a name for this person. Thank you.
Jeff and he has a pet m.u.l.e named Jeffrey
Day 1: I am finally out of training camp, a lot of my friends were moved to other regiments. My buddy Zeke and I were both assigned to the 356th company, or the "Blood Reavers" as they are known throughout the military. We were briefed on our first mission which was to raid a protoss outpost and capture important artifacts which were believed to be hidden there. The battlecruisers deploying us were sent at 19:00 hours. I was assigned basic quarters with little room and a small bed. End of log.
Day 4: We have had canned food for all of our meals in the transport. I think the dominion doesn't really care about our comfort, but I will have to learn to live with it. We had target practice at 11:00 hours and I scored highly according to the squadron leader. I met up with Zeke and we decided to see if we could get a couple of drinks. We were told that we would be landing on Monlyth in 15 hours, so we went to get some sleep. End of log.
Day 5: The surface of the planet was unlike anything I had seen before. The ground was covered in sand and small mountains, giant crystals rose out of the ground, and a clear blue lake was very close to our landing zone. I wonder how such things could grow here? Being raised on Korhal had limited my oppertunities to see other worlds.
Setting up our base was a very tedious task and took hours of work with little time for breaks. Some SCVs got to work with constructing a command centre and refinery to procsess the minerals and gas they harvested. I was told that they did this because the rescources could be refined into things like more ammo, armour, mechs, and weapons. I was on watch duty at night but there was nothing out of the ordinary. End of log.
Day 6: Our scouts have reported that they have found the enemy base today. We prepared for our attack in the morning and I was assinged to a squad with two siege tanks and 5 other marines for protection. I heard Zeke was in with a group of marauders and marines. It was a very long hike to the legde that we would attack from, and I could feel the boredom creeping up on me. Of course I was also very nervous because I had never been in a battle before.
We arrived at the legde, the cold ripped through our armor but I felt excited and ready to fight. We were to dirvert the enemy so that the other force could move in mostly unharmmed. Suddenly, these men, protoss rather, charged at as full speed. They were barbaric and all they had was a mellee weapon for protection. I fired my weapon, but the bullets just bounced off my target. I heard the defeaning sound of the siege tanks firing their first shells. A direct hit! I took advantage of this and shot at an oncoming protoss. It fell to the ground, and I realized that I had just killed my first real enemy. This felt like a huge accomplishment for me, but most of the others in my squad had killed many more. We saw these robots, no cyborgs, nearby when suddenly they vanished. I was pushed aside as one teleported right on top of me! End of log.
06/14/2011 05:17 AMPosted by LiquidDeath
I was pushed aside as one teleported right on top of me! End of log.

Wouldn't that me that he got squished???
Well i didnt think it would sound as good if it was "And it teleported right beside me!"
Zeke's personal log. Day 6: We encountered little resistance as we made our way through the protoss encampment. I was told that this was because another squad was distracting the protoss so that we could enter the nexus unharmed and steal the artifacts. The nexus was towering, probably the size of a sky sc*#*!r. I noticed an immense crystal floating on the top of the structure, maybe it provides power to the nexus. We entered and were met with light resictance from two warriors that had blades on their arms. To look for the artifacts, we split up into two groups. After a few minutes of searching, one of my fellow soldiers noticed a strange glow coming from one of the rooms. We entered only to find a group of protoss huddled in fear, protecting the artifact from us. One was clutching a child. I almost felt sorry for the group as we were ordered to fire, but I abondoned the thought. We were taught that the protoss were horrible and barrbaric, and I would not turn back on my training now. End of log.
Day 6, continuation: I looked up to see the cyborg fire a bolt of plasma at my right leg. Pain seared through me as I tried to remain conscious. I heard deafening tank fire rip through the cyborg's body as it fell to the ground in multiple pieces. It looked like we were going to prevail as I succumbed to my injuries and passed out.
I don't know what happened next. I found myself lying down in a white room with other beds beside me. I felt somewhat dopey as I tried to sit up. A man came to my side and told me not to strain myself; I had a bad injury in my leg. He told me that he was a medic, and that my armour absorbed most of the blast, so I would make a full recovery within the next two days. It appeared that the artifacts had been recovered and our first mission was a success. I felt somewhat relived that it was over. I was told that I should not leave my bed in my quarters and that meals would be brought to me. Zeke visited me that night and we had a chat about our first battle. He told me that he couldn't wait for the next one, but I felt otherwise. End of log.
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sky sc*#*!r

dude why the *#*! ??? it's not a cus word
I didnt type the censors, lol it thinks sc!!@!r or S-R-C-A-P-E-R is a cus.
his name is Jack Starwill, a future leader of a group of rebels known as the Will of Stars, and soon to be the divorced husband of a ghost chic named Alice

i used this many times in Cortex RPs and it has never ever failed me

i made an sc1 campaign with him as the villain, sad i decided not to kill him once and for all, i just loved him as a villain, so i made him make an army of clones of him.
his name is Jack Starwill, a future leader of a group of rebels known as the Will of Stars, and soon to be the divorced husband of a ghost chic named Alice

i used this many times in Cortex RPs and it has never ever failed me

i made an sc1 campaign with him as the villain, sad i decided not to kill him once and for all, i just loved him as a villain, so i made him make an army of clones of him.

@BrassDragon The name is pretty good, but I already established that he is in the dominion.
he can still be a future leader of a group of rebels though
One word.

Day 8: I was released from the infirmary today a little before schedule. I decided to have a few drinks in the bar, and then took to target practice. Suddenly, without warning, lights flashed everywhere and a shrill noise rang through the air. Red Alert. I checked the computer to figure out what was happening; a few unidentified terran fighters had found our position and were firing at us. I looked out of the viewport and saw that our sister ship, The Starwill, was taking heavy damage. Orders were being yelled across the halls and people were scrambling to their positions. An explosion rocked through part of the ship, I heard on the announcements that the docking bay had been breached. I acted fast. The dock was only one deck below me so I ran to the elevator as fast as my legs would carry me. A gun rack was near me so I grabbed a trusty guass rifle and stood outside the door. Apparently I was not the only one who knew to go to the shuttle bay. The doors opened with smoke billowing everywhere, these men had smoke bombs. I took cover beside a wall as gunshots rang out and I heard men falling dead. I turned and saw a marine, just like me, but in blue armour to signify that he was with a different group. I then realized, Raynors Raiders. They were horrible pirates, no, terrorists, that attacked civilians and dominion ships for their twisted cause. A flashback came through my head as I remembered a vacation with my wife on the planet Albion where the Raiders attacked the dominion outpost we were touring. Alice was killed in the crossfire and I cried that day. I still haven't recovered. My life was great before that day, filled with happiness and success, but now I find that the only way I can find reason in my life is with the military. To find and murder James Raynor. I learned to hate those Raiders with a fiery passion, so I fired wildly. The man fell to the ground, bullet holes smearing his visor. My comrades were not fairing as well and I was forced back into cover. Luckily some more men had come to help, and soon the rebels lay dead at our feet. Whoever survived their bullet wounds had been sent to sickbay for treatment. A voice came from behind me "Hey, one of 'em's still alive!" He was hurt, but breathing nonetheless The rebel was to have his wounds treated, then be than questioned about his purpose on the ship. I wanted to murder him then and there, but it was against my orders so I couldn’t. Tension ran among the crew as we shared stories we had heard about the Raiders. "I hear they cut you up, 'an eat yer organs fer dinner." Said a man. "They publicly execute their prisoners with slow torture." I heard another say. I thought some of these stories were too bad to be true, but I wasn't sure. Those men killed my wife... my Alice. I wasn't just going to let them go. I was sleepless that night as I recalled times that I loved in my old life. End of log.

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