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Day 10: The raider made enough of a recovery today to be interigated and I made sure to watch through a tinted window. The officers questioning him were confused by the random attack because it was so innefective. The prisoner explained that their flagship, The Hyperion, was almost within sensor range. They sacrificed themselves so their comrades could escape. I wanted to yell "LAIR! Those pirates would never be hounerable!" My officers appeared to believe him and continued. Eventually they closed off the interrogation from the public. Zeke told me that they may be using torture, but why would our Dominion superiors ever do something like that? I never saw that raider again and I assume that he may have been executed. We were later briefed on our newest mission, we were to land on Heptios and find a squad that went missing. They were last known to be scouting the planet to see If it was worth colonizing. I wonder what could have happened to them. End of log.
more content i am eager for more!
What he said.

I like it so far, but faster updates would be nice.
Please make it in to one large post.
Srry for not posting for so long, I have been busy/on vacation. I am hoping to get more out soon! Thank you for your patcience.
Day 13: Heptios, it was described to us as a lush world full of jungles and forests. Abundant with animals and water, a perfect place for colonization. But what we saw was much different than jungles and animals. When we landed on that rock, all we saw was a strange purple substance all over the ground. The trees were dead, the lakes dried up, and the animals mutated. I had no idea what had happened here but I knew it couldn't be good. We eventually found an area that was not covered in the strange substance and built a camp. Extra guards were set because the commander seemed to know what was wrong with the planet. I wonder what could cause so much damage to an ecosystem in such little time. Whatever it was, it was clearly a large threat because we sent a call for backup which was denied by the dominion. I fell asleep that night worrying about whatever was out there, waiting for us. End of log.
Day 15: I’m lost. Something attacked us and we were separated. I don’t know what it was, but it was very large and had humongous blades on it mouth. It reminded me of a mammoth, the creatures that lived on Earth many years ago. It popped out of the ground with an army of raptor-like creatures, ready to rip out our flesh. A lot of men died and whoever survived ran back to the base I assume. But I was knocked out and left for dead. I do not know the location of camp. I am prey, trying to outrun the predator.
It all started yesterday when we decided to look for the lost squad. Things were going well until we found these... these eggs. They were unlike anything I had ever seen before and appeared to be feeding nutrients to something. It was actually more like a cocoon. One of them began to open and a man came out. But this man... he was different. He had strange growths all over his body and his marine suit was heavily damaged. He tried to attack us but we were able to neutralize him easily. But then the other ones began to open. We had to burn all of them, and fast. We lost some men because there were so many of the mutated people, but we eventually destroyed them all. Apparently they had been mutated by the horrible alien race known as the Zerg. I had heard all about the Zerg in training. Animals that were stronger than anything we had ever known, they are able to infest not only people, but even structures! We all realized what had happened to the squad and were ordered to return to base. That is when we were attacked by the monster.
Now I am awaiting a rescue party and trying to find the camp, but I fear my allies may have left the planet. End of Log.
this is great...
Wonderful, simply wonderful! Keep pumping these out dude, you have a great talent for writing! :D
Good job so far. I like the writing style.
Day 16: I am still stranded on Heptios and have had no contact with the Terrans or Zerg. I have found a cave which I have taken residence in and a small lake nearby that has not been polluted. The animals here are all mutated so they do not make for a very enjoyable meal. None of this would have happened if I had not joined the military. My father never wanted me to, said it was too disciplined for someone like me. My mother thought that it was too dangerous and wanted me to get a job in the city. I actually almost quit during training because it was too hard, but I got through. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and tell myself "Don’t do it! Listen to your family!" but I can’t, and now I’m stuck here. I don’t know how long I can survive, if there’s enough food or if the Zerg will find me. I will probably be here for quite a while so I had better get used to living in a cave and eating roasted Pillirak for dinner every night. End of log.
you know we still dont have a name. I might just make one up soon if no one has any ideas. Oh and thanks for all of the compliments, they inspire me to do more because I know you guys enjoy reading it.
+1. Very interesting
his name should be stefano it sounds cool if u say it with a spanish accent
I will be away for about a week so I will be unable to post. I will get one or two out today to make up for it. Also, I kind of like Stephano so if no one else has any other name suggestions by the time I return, that will be his name.
Day 20: I have been living here for so long now, I am uncertain if help will ever arrive to save me. Being stranded on a Zerg planet is not good for a man’s mental health. Waking up to that purple stuff every morning just reminds me of my hopeless situation, seeing the animals makes me fill with fear of my own life, and drinking the water reminds me that this planet used to be a normal, lush world almost like Earth.
I decided to try and find any technology I could, I would need to seek out our old base. I set across the land early in the morning and found nothing, so I ate lunch and continued. Soon I came across a small cliff face overlooking a strange hive like structure that seemed to be producing more and more Zerg. I don’t think they saw me but I still got the creeps. Continuing through the wasteland I eventually came across something metal. Further inspection lead me to believe that it was the remnants of an old bunker, torn apart by the Zerg. This was not our base, but someone else’s. Corpses were strewn across the ground and I was able to salvage ammunition from dead marines. It was getting late and I knew that I needed to find shelter soon. I used the materials around me to create a makeshift bunker to stay in instead of my cave which was far in the other direction. It was a sleepless night for me as the animals were making quite a ruckus, and I swore that I heard engines in the distance. I must be going crazy. End of log.
love it
Willy James LaFawn.
his name should be Mark Kolterman...

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